WILD BOYZ – Risen! [Demon Doll remastered / Previously Unreleased] (2021) *first seen at 0dayrox*

WILD BOYZ - Risen! [Demon Doll remastered / Previously Unreleased] (2021) *0dayrox exclusive* full

WILD BOYZ was one the largest-drawing unsigned act in Sunset Strip history, selling more than 1,000 tickets for each and every show they played. No small feat considering the clubs on the Strip held less than 500 at full capacity.
DDR has made available the remastered version of the underground cult classic ‘Unleashed!’ featuring the bands outstanding signature track “I Don’t Wanna Cry No More” as well nine additional songs that many would come to know and love the boyz for.
Now we have come to the definitive WILD BOYZ last chapter with the release of “Risen!“. We have here the tracks that were being readied for their follow up album to ‘Unleashed!’ as well as demo songs that were recorded during the ‘Unleashed!’ sessions and didn’t make the cut.

The Wild Boyz can always be proud of the mark they left on the Sunset Strip scene during the late 80’s and early 90’s and this release should put any fan of the band’s mind to rest knowing they have everything they ever laid to tape in their hands.

The tracks on this album had been completely remastered / restored to the best possible sonic quality. All are demos and while seems the original tapes weren’t in the best shape, it’s very interesting to hear WILD BOYZ evolution on songs like ‘You Need Love’, ‘Public Enemy’, or ‘The Road To Nowhere’, more mature and harder than before.
A collectible, already hard to find.

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox

01 – Inside Your Rhythm
02 – I Live 4 U
03 – Through These Eyes
04 – It’s Over
05 – Gun 4 Hire
06 – Public Enemy
07 – Got That Devil
08 – You Need Love
09 – The Road To Nowhere

Willie D. – lead vocals
Valentino – guitars, backing vocals
Matt Steavanz – guitars, backing vocals
Joey Wylde – bass, backing vocals
K. Lee Lauren – drums


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