ANN WILSON & Tripsitter – Another Door (2023)

ANN WILSON & Tripsitter - Another Door (2023) - full

Heart’s ANN WILSON and her backing band TRIPSITTER will release a new album, “Another Door“, on September 29. Prior to starting the 2023 tour, Ann Wilson & Tripsitter finished “Another Door”, a record of all-original material co-written by Wilson and some musicians of the finest caliber.
It marks the first time since the ’70s that Ann has written a full-length album collectively with a band. Tripsitter features Tony Lucido (bass), Ryan Wariner (guitars), Sean T. Lane (drums), and Paul Moak (guitars and keyboards). Tom Bukovac (guitars) was also a primary contributor.
Additionally, “Another Door” marks the first time in her career where Ann was the sole lyricist and her presence on a record has never been greater. Ann says, “This is an exciting time in my creative life; so much new and fresh to remind me of why I love my calling!”
It’s curious to see a ‘progressive’ cover art like in good old times when design was an important thing with a LP release, created by StormStudio formerly knowns as Hipgnosis, the legendary team who between 1968 and 1983 created artwork for the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Genesis, and many others.
But on “Another Door” musically Ann Wilson keeps faithful to the classic rock, blues and hard rock we all know from her.

Widely praised as one of the greatest singers in the history of Rock, Ann’s extraordinarily powerful voice has been sending chills down her audience’s collective spine for over five decades, earning record sales of more than 35 million, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. “Barracuda,” “Crazy On You,” and “Magic Man” are among the many songs she’s written that now reside in the pantheon of Rock’s greatest hits.

The new songs in “This Is Now” plays seamlessly alongside the classics in her current live set and tour. Tracks like ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, ‘Ruler of the Night’, ‘What If’, ‘Waiting for Magic’ are pure Ann Wilson, and some have elements of vintage Heart.

Last year Ann sang with Disturbed’s frontman David Draiman on the duet ‘Don’t Tell Me’ from their recently released album, and lent her voice to Dolly Parton’s forthcoming rock record ‘Rock Star’. (Magic Man). From Dreamboat Annie to Disturbed, to Dolly Parton and beyond, Ann Wilson defies genre.

“This Is Now” explores a few musical landscapes, but while it’s an eclectic collection of songs, all revolve around Wilson’s roots – classic bluesy based rock n’ roll. It’s a powerful piece of work as a whole, showcasing her impressive range (intact) and a tight band of talented musicians.
The album will be presented on a tour, but after that it’s done. Ann and sister Nancy recently revealed that Heart has reunited and is working on new music. Their union marks the first new material from Heart since their 16th album, Beautiful Broken, in 2016.
Highly Recommended


01. Tripsitter
02. This Is Now
03. Rain of Hell
04. Stranger in a Strange Land
05. Waiting for Magic
06. Ruler of the Night
07. Still
08. Rusty Robots
09. What If
10. Little Things
11. Miss One and Only

Ann Wilson (Vocals)
Tony Lucido (bass)
Ryan Wariner (guitars)
ean T. Lane (drums)
Paul Moak (guitars and keyboards)
Tom Bukovac (guitars)


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