RATT – Infestation [Special Edition +4] *HQ*

RATT - Infestation [Special Edition +4] *HQ* - full

Here’s another request, “Infestation“, RATT‘s comeback album since the death of guitarist Robbin Crosby – replaced by Carlos Cavazo, formerly of Quiet Riot – and the first original effort in eleven years.
Some time after its original release appeared this Special Edition with a different covers art, including 4 bonus tracks; the original Japanese edition bonus, and 3 songs from Ratt’s early era recorded live at The Rockline Studio.
Stephen Pearcy said of ‘Infestation’: “We wanted this to be like something that we would have written right after 1984’s Out of the Cellar. We definitely went back to basics“. Guitarist Warren DeMartini: “We were looking for more uptempo ideas and the double leads that Robbin Crosby and I started doing back in 1983.”
“Infestation” doesn’t waste any time in proving that Ratt rocks like in the ’80s again. Opener “Eat Me Up Alive” is an aggressive slab of hard rock that delivers one of the band’s most infectious choruses since “Round And Round”. Stephen Pearcy hasn’t lost a bit of his flair as he comes flying back out of the cellar with every ounce of vocal swagger that poured from his throat on the early albums.

As “Infestation” plays on, you get the feeling that it’s 1985 all over again with unapologetic slices of ratt n’ roll like “A Little Too Much” and “Look Out Below” that boldly ignore the last three decades years of music.
Warren DeMartini and Cavazo epitomize everything awesome about this style of guitar playing with sleazy and bluesy riffs (the most notable being “Last Call”) and a fistful of soaring solos.

We even get a bit of balladry with “Take Me Home”, which does kill the album’s overall momentum a little, but the upbeat ode to the one-night stand that is “Don’t Let Go” turns the dial back up to eleven for a victorious end.
Then the original Japanese edition bonus track “Scatter” is a pure Ratt Rocker! You have Warren’s nasty guitar riffs and he is all over this thing and even on backing vocals along with Carlos Cavazo. Stephen’s vocals still have that grit, but at this point in time, it seems to have aged well as he still sounded like Stephen of earlier Ratt. And well, Bobby Blotzer and Robbie Crane keep the beat going effortlessly. This is a scorcher of an song, and the guitar is king on this one. This to me is actually one of the cooler songs on the album and it should’ve been on the U.S. pressing.

“Infestation” is a great reminder that there were some damn good times to be had back in those days and there’s nothing wrong with reliving the best of them.
For straightforward, entertaining and pretty kick ass old-school US glammy rock n’ roll, you really can’t go wrong with “Infestation”, so buck a few trends, drink a few beers and go have some fun with this one.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Eat Me Up Alive
02 – Best Of Me
03 – A Little Too Much
04 – Look Out Below
05 – Last Call
06 – Lost Weekend
07 – As Good As It Gets
08 – Garden Of Eden
09 – Take A Big Bite
10 – Take Me Home
11 – Don’t Let Go
12 – Scatter (Original Japan Bonus)
13 – You Think You’re Tough (Live From The Rockline Studio)
14 – Tell The World (Live From The Rockline Studio)
15 – Way Cool Jr. (Live From The Rockline Studio)

Stephen Pearcy – lead vocals
Warren DeMartini – guitars, backing vocals
Carlos Cavazo – guitars, backing vocals
Robbie Crane – bass
Bobby Blotzer – drums



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