JONES STREET – Out Of The Gutter [Eonian Records remaster +1] (2022) HQ

JONES STREET - Out Of The Gutter [Eonian Records remaster +1] (2022) HQ full

Fully remastered and released today by Eonian Records, we finally have the chance to hear “Out Of The Gutter” from Californian glam rockers JONES STREET. Originally released in the mid-90s in limited quantities with the title ‘Dancin’ with the Devil’, the long time out of print CD become one of most sought-after indies.
This 2022 release re-titled “Out Of The Gutter” features a brand-new mix of the original recordings, as well as bonus material all remastered by one time JONES STREET member Anthony Focx (Beautiful Creatures, Bang Tango). With tracks produced by Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe) and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), JONES STREET really got the ‘mojo’.
Timing, eh? What a bastard it is. LA hopefuls Jones Street know a thing or two about it, that’s for sure. The material into “Out Of The Gutter” is the sound – and a pretty glorious sound it is too, let’s be honest – of a band missing the last train out of glamtown.

The dread-eyed, junk-fuelled grip of grunge was tightening around the neck of the music industry when Jones Street were strutting their stuff on the strip, and for every coke-addled A&R rep who saw dollar signs glittering through the murk of has been clubs like Gazzarri’s in the band’s sing-it-shout-it bravado, a dozen more up the food chain, clearer headed and doubly focused on the main chance new the game was up for pretty boy chancers like singer Shawn Crosby and his band of shag-permed brothers.

This is a tragedy of course, and one that it’s possible to put down entirely to the exigencies of the music industry and that damn word timing; had ”Out of The Gutter” been hatched in the middle of 1988, for instance, you might never have heard of Skid Row, such is the utter brilliance of gutter rock anthems like ‘Razor To My Wrist’, a song that both LA Guns and Love/Hate would have killed for a piece of.
And we haven’t even begun to ponder on the band’s skill and dexterity with a ballad; ‘Thieves of Love’, for instance, comes to the ears sounding as fresh in 2022 as it did to those in the know in 1994-95, sounding for all the years like something straight outta the Jani Lane playbook – which, as you know, is one of the greatest hair meal playbooks of all…

This time capsule is way cool, and something singer Shawn Crosby, guitarists Jonny Jones and Mickey Perez, bassist John (J.J.) Jauregui and drummers Rob Hanna and Anthony Focx (yes! that Anthony Focx!) can justifiably be proud of look back at what were clearly halcyon times.
If you love this music as much as I do, and are looking for something ‘new’, then I strongly recommend you shell out for ”Out of The Gutter”. You won’t be disappointed.
Highly Recommended


01 – Dancin’ With The Devil
02 – Tell Me Why
03 – What Comes Around
04 – Thieves Of Love
05 – Take Your Love
06 – Razor To My Wrist
07 – When It All Comes Down
08 – We Won’t Be Forgotten
09 – Fuck Authority
10 – On The Edge [demo] (bonus track)

Shawn Crosby – Lead Vocals
Jonny Jones – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mickey Perez – Guitar & Backing Vocals
John (J.J.) Jauregui – Bass & Backing Vocals
Rob Hanna – Drums (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, & 10)
Anthony Focx – Drums (Tracks 3, 6 – 9)



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