CHASING MAGIC 2011 Jace Pawlak

Chasing Magic hails from the Midwest of the good ‘ol USA, where they deliver their own special blend of classic Melodic Rock.
Although a new band to the scene, Chasing Magic’s front man is not a newcomer.
Jason “Jace” Pawlak is an extremely talented musician and songwriter, not only did he show that with his own, self released CD ‘Stolen Season’ a few years back (2005), but he also has penned and contributed tunes for some of his fellow contemporaries: musical acts such as Goodbye Thrill, Tango Down, and the last and great Farcry album.

Now it is time for Jace to show he can command a band and album of his own and not just be a behind the scenes guy.
Anyone that has been in a band will express how being in a band is sometimes like a family, well Chasing Magic is just that.
Jace comes from a musical family, and on this recording is joined by father Dennis Pawlak (guitars, bass, vocals) and bro Trevor Pawlak (guitars, vocals), making this power trio.

The first thing that impressed me from the beginning on “Chasing Magic” is the truly good production and mix considering its indie origin, self financed / produced release.
This CD really shows million times better the potential that was reflected on Jace’s solo album ‘Stolen Season’ .
And after listening the whole thing, you can assert that this guy is a terrific songwriter for this genre, and a complete musician as well.

“Chasing Magic” is full of classy Melodic Rock with anthemic choruses, melodic guitar work and catchy hooks.
“World Is Wide” sounds as the best Night Ranger ’80s era, “Room To Run” is a short and effective Loverboy-like melodious rocker and “The Corners Of My Mind” has an awesome mid-tempo melody similar to Farcry’s last album.
“Same” explores a more hard rocking territory, “Angelina” has a commercial and modern riff, while “The Edge Of Goodbye” is a terrific melodic power ballad very, very well arranged and composed.
“Bad Reputation” has again Night Ranger influences featuring a great guitar work, “This Time” is a wimpy cool track that reminds me Ted Poley, and “Too Many Roads” ends the disc in a form of a really good AOR ballad.

On “Chasing Magic” you will hear classic Melodic Rock tunes very well composed and arranged, with melodious vocal harmonies, rocking guitars and hooks galore.
As said, one of highest points on this CD is the skilled hand of Jace writing songs in the the best ’80s tradition. Short, effective and catchy songs indeed.
Production and mix are highlights as well, surprisingly crisp and clear for an indie. Remarkable is the solid drum sound, usually weak in this kind of self-managed recordings.
“Chasing Magic” is one of the surprises of the year, silently released and virtually no promoted, but as usual, presented to you by 0dayrock.
This album was a labor of love for Jace Pawlak, and has been a long time coming. Support this indie release, worth every penny.
Highly Recommended.

01 – World Is Wide
02 – Room To Run
03 – The Corners Of My Mind
04 – Same
05 – Angelina
06 – The Edge Of Goodbye
07 – Bad Reputation
08 – This Time
09 – Fine Line
10 – Have It All
11 – Too Many Roads

Jason Jace Pawlak – Lead Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Dennis Pawlak – Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Trevor Pawlak- Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals


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