TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK – 34613 (2012)

TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK - 34613 (2012)


Trond Nicolaisen and Andreas Stanseth, two young fans of ’80s metal from Norway decided to establish their own musical project some years ago, named Tomorrow’s Outlook.
Trond would not join the ranks as musician but as manager and co-songwriter – Andreas became the bassist in the band and worth to mention, he’s actually the main songwriter as well. A first serious experience for these guys but they are absolutely passionate by the forces of Metal and loaded with tons of good ideas to let the deal be done in hope to succeed.

Around 2007, the hunt for other musicians was a real priority. As time passed by, Oystein Kvile Hanssen entered as full member / lead guitarist, and after some demo recordings many well known names joined the project with enthusiasm: the excellent session drummers Charlie Zeleny and Mike Haid, the acclaimed Shrapnel records alumni Michael Harris on guitars, and an impressive list on singers.
We have ex-Helloween (and now in Unisonic) Michael Kiske, Graham Bonnet (ex-Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz), Scott Oliva (ex- Wind Wraith), Norman ‘SKI’ Kiersnowski (ex Deadly Blessing / Faith Factor). One by one frontmen with a worldwide, legendary reputation but there is one more named Mike Gorham who offers his interesting singing skills to the band also.

Tomorrow’s Outlook’s debut album “34613” has taken almost four years to complete everything together as Trond and Andreas planned, recorded in a song-by-song situation by the hand of multiple engineers, all worked out in Norway, Finland, Germany and the US.
“34613” delivers thirteen tracks inspired by American eighties US melodic hard / metal in the vein of Impelliteri, Crimson Glory, the first Queensryche and some Euro influences such as Helloween.
Michael Harris let speak its shred guitar in a generous manner on “As Darkness Falls” (intro), followed by the uptempo heavy overtones of “Gate To Freedom” performed by ex-Wind Wraith singer Scott Oliva. A good melodic metal track driven by double drums and strong riff including keyboards.
Fans of legendary singer Graham Bonnet will enjoy “Glass Mountain”, a hard rocker reminiscent to the good old days of the Hard Rock music of Alcatrazz / Impellitteri.

There are two versions of a song called “The Ethereal Dream”. The first one features the very classic vocals of Mike Gorham and Michael Harris on guitars, and it’s more rockier. The second and reprisal version was sung by Michael Kiske, with a much more melodic rock approach, one of my favorites track here. Kiske proves he is still on top of his game.
The unknown singer Mike Gorham is surprisingly good. On the slow rocker “Song For You” puts on the table an example of his wide vocal range as the song changes its pace many times and he fits all in a good way. On the more metalized “Doubt” he shows a rough side, with consistent amounts of power.
After the pretty boring instrumental title track, the following songs are performed by ex classic metal US band Deadly Blessing singer Norman ‘Ski’ Kiersnowski. I am not particularly fan of his sometimes high pitched vocals, but the man can sing a metal tune.
“White Lightning” is slow and epic melodic metal ala David T. Chastain, “Liquid Scream” reminds me Crimson Glory, “Kill Again” is more Impelliteri-like, and “March Of The Demons” (the best of the four) is a powerful US styled classic heavy.
Graham Bonnet treats us again with another good one, this time a cover song from Lizzy Borden entitled “Red Rum”. The track is taken from the upcoming ‘Baptized In Blood – A Tribute To Lizzy Borden’ album that probably will see daylight soon. Perhaps the best song on offer here, as Bonnet sings his hear out.

Tomorrow’s Outlook is an interesting project, obviously a labor of love. There’s constant references of ’80s classic metal on “34613”, not much ‘heavy’ sonically as the overall approach is pretty melodic.
But as on many albums like this – recorded through several instances – the result is somehow not completely cohesive. In example, on some tracks the drumming is solid and driving, while on others weak and uninspired. Same with production.
Anyway, “34613” is a good opportunity to listen the good ol’ Graham Bonnet rocking again, a nice performance by Michael Kiske, and fundamentally a good dose of vintage US ’80s classic metal, a style not much praised by new bands nowadays.

01 – As Darkness Falls (Intro)
02 – Gate To Freedom (feat. Scott Oliva)
03 – Glass Mountain (feat. Graham Bonnet)
04 – A Song For You (feat. Mike Gorham)
05 – Doubt (feat. Mike Gorham)
06 – The Etheral Dream (feat. Mike Gorham)
07 – 34613 (Instrumental)
08 – White Lightning (feat. Norman Kiersnowski)
09 – Liquid Scream (feat. Norman Kiersnowski)
10 – Kill Again (feat. Norman Kiersnowski)
11 – March Of The Demons (feat. Norman Kiersnowski)
12 – Red Rum [Lizzy Borden Cover] (feat. Graham Bonnet)
13 – The Etherial Dream [Reprise] (feat. Michael Kiske)

Andreas Stenseth: Bass
Mike Haid: Drums
Charlie Zeleny: Drums
Sami Saarinen: Guitar
Michael Harris: Guitar
Oystein K. Hanssen: Guitar
Mike Gorham: Vocals
Norman Kiersnowski aka SKI: Vocals
Scott Oliva: Vocals
Graham Bonnet: Vocals
Michael Kiske: Vocals


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