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“Walking Tall” is the sixth studio album for German melodic hard rockers SHYLOCK.

The band premieres a new rhythm section but this switch has not affected their punch, in fact, Shylock’s delivery is stronger than ever.

With a straight to the point sharp Melodic Hard Rock in the unmistakable Germanic style, Shylock rocks you from the start with the hat trick of scorchers opening the album.

The anthemic title track “Walking Tall” kicks you in fine style and pretty much sets the scene for what is to follow – huge catchy choruses, punchy and crunchy riffs and classy lead guitar work.

These guys don’t just have rock in their blood, it’s in their DNA, according to the brilliantly titled (and composed) “Rock DNA”, another blistering slice of Scorpions-esque Euro Melodic Hard.

The Klaus Meine band is a strong influence in these guys, specially in Matthias Schenk whom vocal color sometimes reminds you Michael Voss (Mad Max) as well.

“I Can’t Wait Now’ shows Shylock have big choruses in abundance, further illustrated by the classy “Bridges” and the pop-metal stylings of “Taken It Too Far”.

The in-your-face sound turns more elaborated in “What It Takes” adding some rockin’ AOR smell particularly in the bouncing chorus, then “Sad To Know” thicken the riffs in a Gotthard vein with good results.

Some 2000’s Def Leppard influences are present in the effective “Right Now Or Never”, while some good Scandi sounds impregnate “Away From Here”.

There’s not a proper ballad in this CD (a clear statement of its rockin’ attitude), perhaps the only track neighboring is the semi-midtempo AOR in the Bonfire style called “Anything”.

“Walking Tall” is one of those Melodic Hard Rock albums you enjoy from start to finish. There’s not a weak track on the entire recording, all done with skilled hooks and melodies adorned with a crisp production.

A punchy, uptempo melodious Euro MHR disc from Shylock that you can listen to over and over without getting bored with it.

Easily Recommended.

01 – Walking Tall

02 – Rock DNA

03 – I Can’t Wait Now

04 – Bridges

05 – What It Takes

06 – Sad To Know

07 – Sliding Through Emotions

08 – Taken It Too Far

09 – She Came Along My Way

10 – Right Now Or Never

11 – Away From Here

12 – Touch My Soul

13 – Anything

Matthias Schenk: lead and backing vocals

Johannes Amrhein: guitars, keyboards, backing vocals

Bernhard Schwingenstein: bass

Achim Thiergartner: drums, backing vocals

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