WALTHAM – You’re Everything That I Want (2013)

WALTHAM - You're Everything That I Want (2013) mp3 download


American Melodic Rockers WALTHAM born in the late ’90s in the town of the same name located in Massachusetts.

After some indie recordings, the group fronted by Frank Pino Jr. got the opportunity to record their full length debut on a major label, a high praised CD amongst fans of the genre.

Now Waltham is giving the last touches to the sophomore album for this year’s summer (entitled ‘Wicked Waltham’), and as advance are presenting “You’re Everything That I Want”.

Waltham’s style leans to modern Melodic Rock based on intense riffs spiced with catchy rock&pop harmonies. Although their sound is updated to present time, there’s an undeniable ’80s influence in the songcraft. Just check the video-song below

Their classic structures makes you think Rick Springfield meets Cheap Trick, and in the overall sonic approach very close to the underrated 7th Heaven. On places they remind me Swedes Bad Habit and Blanc Faces.

The good thing about Waltham’s is the catchiness, fist-pumping anthem mould delivered in a 3-minute format song.

“You’re Everything That I Want” comes straight from the Springfield song writing book, “The Fix” has an energetic punch, “Holiday” is a foot tapping melodic rocker and it’s in the guitar licks where Waltham recalls Steelhouse Lane.

“Where I Wanna Be” is the most melodic tune here with a catchy chorus and a slow-down halfway the track, then it ends in an intense way. Waltham are inspired in the eighties, just check the bass pumped “Love N’ Stuff” and its harmonized vocals.

“You’re Everything That I Want” is a catchy, hooky, fun melodic rockin’ advance from Waltham, very well produced with a crisp sound.

Can’t wait the full CD!

01 – You’re Everything That I Want

02 – The Fix

03 – Holiday

04 – Where I Wanna Be

05 – Love N’ Stuff

Frank Pino Jr. – Vocals

Tony Monaco – Guitar

Craig Small – Guitar

Peet Golan – Bass

Mikey Rorick – Drums



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