A.C.T – Circus Pandemonium [Japan release] (2014)

A.C.T - Circus Pandemonium [Japan release] (2014) full


Swedes A.C.T always have been ‘the more Melodic Rock band from the Prog scene’ since its foundation 18 years ago. Their ’99 debut Today’s Report attracted not only progressive fans but also AOR / MR aficionados and still is one of the finest records mixing both genres with class & style.
After a long 8-year hiatus away from the recording studio, this excellent combo returns with a brand new CD; “Circus Pandemonium”, released today Feb. 19 only in Japan by Marquee Avalon Records (worldwide dates to be announced).

Just like their album from 2003 which told the story about a building of apartments, the band now deliver on “Circus Pandemonium” (their fifth) a new concept album about a circus at the turn of the 20th Century. I’m glad to say that A.C.T sound inspired and adventurous again, with more fresh ideas to keep the listener in a surprise mood.
A.C.T has recharged the batteries and now give us an album of splendour where the fans are in for a treat with prog-rock finesse, stupendous arrangements and melodic lines.

If you are new to the band, think Saga, It Bites, Queen, Kansas, John Wetton / Asia and alikes with a crisp sound, elaborated guitar work, harmony vocals and lots, lots of keyboards.
It would be fair categorize A.C.T as a Neo-Prog band, but they’re much more than that, blending Melodic Rock and even AOR patterns into their musical recipe with ease.

Just listen “Everything’s Falling” as example, driven by a new wave of Swedish Melodic Rock pulse adorned with punchy guitars, fast drumming and layers of vocals courtesy of many guests such as female singers Sara Wendelford and Linnea Olnert.
More melodious proggy numbers like “Manager’s Wish”, “The Funniest Man Alive” or the awesome “A Mother’s Love” reminds me recent wonders (also from Sweden) JONO, while quirky cuts like “A Truly Gifted Man” are firmly planted on the early A.C.T style.
There’s 15 tracks on offer here, but many are short pieces and the entire disc clocks 56 minutes, flowing wonderfully.

A.C.T - Circus Pandemonium [Japan release] (2014) inside

The classic A.C.T sound has returned on “Circus Pandemonium”, combining prog and melodic rock resulting in an unique sound & style.
One of the best surprises last year was the band JONO, if you liked them and never heard A.C.T before, do yourself a favor and grab “Circus Pandemonium” immediately.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Marquee Avalon Records ~ MICP-11137

01 – Intro
02 – The End
03 – Everything’s Falling
04 – Manager’s Wish
05 – A Truly Gifted Man
06 – Presentation
07 – Look At The Freak
08 – Argument
09 – Confrontation
10 – A Mother’s Love
11 – The Funniest Man Alive
12 – Scared [Japanese Bonus Track]
13 – A Failed Escape Attempt
14 – Lady In White
15 – Freak Of Nature

Herman Saming – Vocals
Jerry Sahlin – Keyboards, Vocals
Ola Andersson – Guitars, Vocals
Peter Asp – Bass, Keyboards
Thomas Lejon – Drums
Sara Wendelford, Linnea Olnert – Backing Vocals

A.C.T - Circus Pandemonium [Japan release] (2014) cd photo


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Album of the year!!!
    This should not be Higly Recommended, it should be MANDATORY! 🙂

  2. Diego says:

    thank you !!!!!!!!

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