DAVID J CARON – The Greatest Ever Deception (2019) *Exclusive*

DAVID J CARON - The Greatest Ever Deception (2019) full

The just released “The Greatest Ever Deception” is the album from Irish / Italian musician DAVID J CARON, who grew up in England, now living in Ireland. Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer of his own work.
Caron cross many musical genres to ensure it does not easily sit in any, which is glorious and frustrating for those that need to label. Weaving meshes of melodic hard rock, progressive, AOR, metal, pop… the list goes on, but simply let’s say he has created an album of majestic and contagious ‘rock ‘n roll’, with a sound influenced by the 80s / 90s and 2000s.

Pay attention to the album cover and album title, and even the names of some of the tracks and you will notice a very strong flat Earth theme to it. Several in fact of the tracks explore this theme.
David is pretty much responsible for everything here. The writing, arrangements, the vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and even the drums! The album is co-produced by David and Boneyard Dog’s front man Rob Mancini (also ex-member of melodic hard rockers Hotwire).

The album features 16 tracks, all really well written, played and performed. The melodies all over are catchy and pretty memorable.
As said, “The Greatest Ever Deception” merge various styles / genres all Rock related, but basically this is modern melodic rock with a ‘difference’, and at its highly polished ultimate finest.
To mention a few, ‘I am Infinity’ is one of the catchiest tracks in the album, musically bouncing, ‘Somewhere Nowhere’ adds a poppy progressive touch, while ‘License to Kill’ sounds like Vega minus the bombast.
‘Miss Mysterious’ has an extremely infectious melodic rock chorus and it’s curious to hear the dry guitar sound used for the riff.

Despite of being a pretty long album, “The Greatest Ever Deception” perfectly flows through its 16 tracks, and certainly keeps you interested.
Caron has a particular way to arrange his melodic, rocking songs, which sets him apart from the ‘regular sound’ of the current melodic hard rock scene.
Highly Recommended


01 – Wake Up, You’re Only Dreaming
02 – I am Infinity
03 – Jezabel
04 – Somewhere Nowhere
05 – License to Kill
06 – Until an Arc Appears
07 – Loyal to the End
08 – Miss Mysterious
09 – Time itself would Cease
10 – Ring of Power
11 – Guiding Light Home
12 – Fear of the Dragon Forgotten
13 – Ends of the Earth
14 – Waiting for Never
15 – Awakening
16 – Impenetrable Mystery

David J Caron: All instruments, vocals
Rob Mancini: additional sounds, backing vocals



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