WALK THE WALK – Walk The Walk (2021)

WALK THE WALK - Walk The Walk (2021) full

In early 2020, former DIO guitarist Tracy G introduced J. Adler and Paul Alfery, knowing they both love melodic hard rock with big choruses and strong hooks. They got busy writing and recording an album titled, as the project, WALK THE WALK, to be released by AOR Heaven Records
The debut of this American band is pore delight for lovers of the Eighties and bands like DANGER DANGER, DEF LEPPARD, or early BON JOVI.
Strong anthems, a powerful production and versatile songwriting that doesn’t have to hide from any competitors, that’s what you get here. Check out the energetic “Running From You“ and the very much classic BON JOVI-sounding “Find The Light“. Also, the slightly hairy metal “Two Miles To Go“ is pretty cool.
Walk The Walk“ is one of the surprises of the year so far.


01 – Heaven’s On It’s Way Down
02 – Running From You
03 – Are You There
04 – Two Miles To Go
05 – Find The Light
06 – Fight On Your Feet
07 – Get Busy Livin’
08 – Move On
09 – Never Been To California
10 – Getaway


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