CAPE CHROME – Cape Chrome I (2017)

CAPE CHROME - Cape Chrome I (2017) full

Hailing from Gävle, Sweden four-piece CAPE CHROME has been around under various names for nearly twenty years. It was nearly five years ago when the band decided it was time to record the songs written all over these years.
CAPE CHROME manage and release their music by themselves – no pressure to follow any trend, so they do what they want and what they love. And they love classic ’80s AOR / Melodic Rock.
And on this, the band’s debut, they add a touch of Progressive AOR / Pomp to make it more interesting. Think Journey Augeri-era, Kevin Chalfant’s Two Fires, ’80s Saga, etc. All songs are pretty long, but work like 3-songs-into-1, very melodious and articulated.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Show You
02 – Sacred Child
03 – Ravenous Thieves
04 – Tell Me
05 – Different Views
06 – Follow Me

Eric Linngård (guitar and vocals)
Joakim Horn (bass and vocals)
Fredrik Persson (keyboards and vocals)
Fredrik Björk (drums)



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2 Responses

  1. Neil Tudor says:

    wow…never heard of this band before…why????
    Not played album 2 yet..but this is stunning……. Production is top notch…Think Journey Escape…… amazing..Perry meets Chalfant, songs….. Mid Period Journey with a touch of Toto, and a tiny dash of melodic prog…….
    Not a lot on youtube…. and cant find Eric Linngard anywhere..the singer….. please tell me which other bands he has been in?

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