THE QUIREBOYS – A Bit Of What You Fancy [30th Anniversary Re-Recorded] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

THE QUIREBOYS - A Bit Of What You Fancy [30th Anniversary Re-Recorded] (2021) full

Next August 6th THE QUIREBOYS are set to release a limited run of a totally new Re-Recorded version of their classic ”A Bit Of What You Fancy” to mark the album’s 30th Anniversary. The hard-working quartet have been back in the studio re-recording their iconic first album with the current Gypsy Rock n’ Roll sound of The Quireboys, and new artwork.
”A Bit Of What You Fancy” remains one of the greatest rock albums of all time, loved by fans and critics alike, the singles and many of the album tracks can be heard to this day on classic rock radio, the music remains timeless and is almost certainly guaranteed to fill the dance floor at any party or rock bar.
But, it was necessary to touch the classic recording? Well, the band doesn’t has the rights of the original tapes, so they wanted to do their own version. And the results are very good.

Following the incredible 35 & live show at The O2 Academy Forum London in September 2019, the boys were blown away at how the crowds still respond to the music after 30 years, the atmosphere was electric and hearing the whole crowd singing the timeless tracks cemented that unity between the audience, the band and the music.

So the band decided to make these songs again. The Quireboys will tour the UK and Europe Dec 20 / April 21 performing the whole album in its entirety.
Spike commented, “It’s where it all began, it was an incredible album that launched our careers, but the way we sound and play now doesn’t give it the justice it needs. Henceforth, it’s been a pleasure updating it to our modern-day Gypsy Rock n Roll Sound. I’m sure everyone will enjoy this new version, marking its 30th Anniversary.”

This is a must for all Quireboys fans worldwide and while this will be available on CD & Vinyl, both will be on limited runs, with a new modern cover and a couple of live bonus tracks on the CD. The CD feature 2 Live Bonus Tracks, “Man on the Loose” and “Mayfair”.
The new version are faithful to the originals, well recorded & produced.
Highly Recommended


01 – 7 O’Clock (30th Anniversary Version)
02 – Man on the Loose (30Th Anniversary Version)
03 – Whippin’ Boy (30Th Anniversary Version)
04 – Sex Party (30Th Anniversary Version)
05 – Sweet Mary Ann (30Th Anniversary Version)
06 – I Don’t Love You Anymore (30Th Anniversary Version)
07 – Hey You (30Th Anniversary Version)
08 – Misled (30Th Anniversary Version)
09 – Long Time Comin’ (30Th Anniversary Version)
10 – Roses & Rings (30Th Anniversary Version)
11 – There She Goes Again (30Th Anniversary Version)
12 – Take Me Home (30Th Anniversary Version)
13 – Man on the Loose [Live]
14 – Mayfair [Live]

Spike (Vocals)
Guy Griffin (Guitar)
Paul Guerin (Guitar)
Keith Weir (Keyboards)
Dave McCluskey (Drums)
Gary Ivin (Bass)


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