MAYANK (feat. Gui Oliver of Auras) – Mayank (2021)

MAYANK (feat. Gui Oliver) - Mayank (2021) full

MAYANK is a new melodic rock band centered around vocalist Gui Oliver, who is joined by Swedish guitarist Rolf Nordström (Perfect Plan), keyboardist/producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, and drummer Nicholas Papapicco. Their self-titled debut album is out August 6, 2021 via Frontiers Music.
Gui’s band Auras delivered a fantastis AOR album a decade ago, and now Mayank was born with the intent to build a group with amazing talents from the melodic rock scene who are all on the same wavelength musically and would come together seamlessly as a musical unit.
The name Gui Oliver is certainly a familiar one to melodic rock connoisseurs. His voice, resembling such giants as Steve Perry, Jimi Jamison, and Mickey Thomas, immediately put him in the spotlight after the release of Auras’ debut. Unfortunately, the group disbanded after releasing their lone album and playing a few shows.

The pandemic lockdowns and quarantines of 2020 became the perfect time for Gui & Del Vecchio to work together on a record. A very special addition to the album comes in the form of Rolf Nordström of Sweden’s Perfect Plan, who joined the fold to bring his excellent guitar skills to the music.
The result is the debut album from Mayank, a culmination of a passionate musical output between Gui, Ale, and an amazing team of musicians and songwriters.
If you are a serious melodic rock fan, you need to check out this debut CD.

Gui Oliver is an excellent AOR singer and he has a very pleasant voice. Also because the music and songs have been adjusted, Gui’s vocal talents are exploited to the fullest. It is not that Mayank is shifting borders in the AOR-genre with these eleven songs, but a true fan of the genre will recognize during the opener ‘Destiny Calling’ that this outfit is here to deliver a professional and quite outstanding job.
‘Mayank’ just sounds right on all fronts.

The guitar work of Nordstrom is just as impressive as what he delivered on the two Perfect Plan albums. The duo Del Vecchio (who contributes bass and keys) and drummer Nicholas Papapicco is as reliable as the Bank of England having worked together on plenty of other productions before.
Gui Oliver himself is measuring up to people like Kent Hilli, Jack Blades and the late, great Jimi Jamision during his vocal performance all over the album.

The album alternates between direct rockers, AOR midtempos and and a couple of ballads, just as the manual of a good melodic rock album should be done, and the balance they achieve from beginning to end is a plus.
Among the highlights, ‘Billy Is On The Run’ and ‘Miracle Mile’ stand out at first listen, while special mention go for ‘Signs Of Love’ in which Oliver shines reminding us of the best Steve Perry.

Production is crisp, add to that the well written and very melodic songs and, as an AOR-freak, there is hardly anything to be criticized on the first album of this project.
Thanks to this major exposure, I would not be surprised if we hear a lot more of Gui Oliver in the near future.
Highly Recommended


1. Destiny Calling
2. Billy Is On The Run
3. Miracle Mile
4. We Are One
5. Long Live The Soulless
6. Julia’s Smile
7. Sign Of Love
8. Hold On
9. From The Heart
10. Eternal Dream
11. Road To Paradise

Gui Oliver – vocals
Rolf Nordstorm – guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio – bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Nicholas Papapicco – drums


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