ROCK SUGAR (Jess Harnell) – Reimaginator [the first album] Out Of Print

ROCK SUGAR (Jess Harnell) - Reimaginator [the first album] full

Reimaginator” is the first ROCK SUGAR album, where this band of wayward geniuses took mashups and tributes to new heights. The story behind the band and its art is as convoluted and crazy as the songs they meld together with their combined talents.
Who would have imagined Metallica and Journey, or Paula Abdul and Kiss, or even AC/DC and Madonna, as fantastical sonic fodder for mind-blowing new ear candy? ”Reimaginator” saw this troupe of rock and roll veterans combine parts of 33 different classic pop & rock hits into 13 cohesive and brilliantly performed ‘new’ songs.
”Reimaginator” is the ultimate party album. Nothing better than putting this on and watching your friends’ heads snap sideways when “Bohemian Rhapsody” collides with “Kickstart My Heart,” or when “Crazy Train” is boarded by “Jessie’s Girl.”

O.K. Which mad fool band would pick 33 songs and try to cram them into 13 tracks? Rock Sugar that’s who. This is one challenge that’s been attempted by this highly talented band, and guess what? They’ve only gone and pulled off one of the best, most entertaining albums in years.

Fancy some ‘Enter Sandman’ with ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ lyrics? How about Rick Springfield’s ‘Jessie’s Girl’ played to Ozzy Osborne’s ‘Crazy Train’? You’ll found yourself finding all sorts of clever musical twists and turns along your journey to sugar country.
This is a fantastic and bold coming together of some of the best loved Rock/Metal bands of the 80s & 90’s fused with the most popular pop songs from the same generation.

What stands head and shoulders above many other bands is that they are so talented and meticulous, with Jess Harnell’s vocals suiting every style of song covered here. This is a covers album that literally covers them all.
‘Here comes the fool you wanted’ is so ridiculously unachievable on paper that when you hear it you cannot believe how well it works. Annie Lennox mixed with Bon Jovi’s ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ and Cinderella’s ‘Nobody’s Fool’… crazy I know but it works a treat.
Just when you thought that was mad enough Rock Sugar then hits with ‘Round And Separated’ featuring none other than Ratt’s ‘Round and Round’ with the lyrics of Journey’s ‘Separate Ways’ from their AOR classic album Frontiers.

With all their influences well and truly cemented in the ’80s hair metal scene this is sure to re-kindle some memories and win over new fans wishing they were alive to appreciate the ozone destroying hair metal years.
Rock Sugar surprise and surpass all expectations with some of the most fun and enjoyable mash-ups ever. If Willy Wonka and ’80s buxom diva Elvira wanted to form a band the result would be Rock Sugar… a little weird but you know you have to see where its going to take you next.

The album’s climax is with the ‘Dreaming Of A Whole Lotta Breakfast’ which has to be my favourite track on the album. Aerosmith’s ‘Dreaming’ and Supertramps ‘Breakfast in America’s’ lyrics which morphs into that unmistakable Led Zeppelin riff.
There are so many bands and artists covered here it would take me ages listing them all and to be honest would spoil the surprise for you, this is one discovery you have to make yourselves and believe me it’s worth the trouble.

Get ready to be covered in sugar… Rock Sugar.
Highly Recommended


01. Don’t Stop The Sandman
[Don’t Stop Believin’ (JOURNEY) – Enter Sandman (METALLICA)]

02. We Will Kickstart Your Rhapsody
Kickstart My Heart (MOTLEY CRUE) – Bohemian Rhapsody (QUEEN)]

03. Crazy Girl
[Crazy Train (OZZY) – Jessie’s Girl (RICK SPRINGFIELD)]

04. Voices in the Jungle
[Voices Carry (TIL TUESDAY) – Welcome to the Jungle (GUNS ‘N’ ROSES)]

05. Here Comes the Fool You Wanted
[Here Comes the Rain (EURYTHMICS) – Wanted Dead or Alive (BON JOVI)]

06. Shook Me Like A Prayer
[Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC) – Like A Prayer (MADONNA)]

07. Straight To Rock City
[Straight Up (PAULA ABDUL) – Detroit Rock City (KISS)]

08. Prayin’ For A Sweet Weekend
[Living On A Prayer (BON JOVI) – Working For The Weekend (LOVERBOY)]

09. Heaven And Heaven
[Heaven (WARRANT) – Heaven (BRYAN ADAMS)]

10. Breakin’ The Love
[Breakin’ The Law (JUDAS PRIEST) – I’m not in love (10 CC)]

11. I Love Sugar On Me
[Put Some Sugar On Me (DEF LEPPARD) – I Love Rock & Roll ( JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS)]

12. Round And Separated
[Round and Round (RATT) – Separate Ways (JOURNEY)]

13. Dreaming Of A Whole Lotta Breakfast
[Dream On (AEROSMITH) – Breakfast in America (SUPERTRAMP) – Whole Lotta Love (LED ZEPPELIN)]


Out of print

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