BONEDRYVER – Valley Of Bones (2022)

BONEDRYVER - Valley Of Bones (2022) full

USA classic hard rockers BONEDRYVER are releasing their new studio album ”Valley Of Bones”. Formed in 2017 out of the ashes of various Western North Carolina bands, BoneDryver set a course to create raw, real hard rock the way it used to be. Touring across the Eastern portion of the states, the band recorded their 10-song debut in 2019 and received favorable reviews from around the world and modest rock radio exposure.
Fast forward 3 years, a new drummer and a pandemic later, and BoneDryver are about to light things up again with their riff-fueled blast of octane in “Valley Of Bones,” an effort that takes everything you’ve ever loved about this classic genre and turns it up to 11.
Imagine if you will, AC/DC, Montrose and Slash & The Conspirators over at Nugent’s house for whiskey shots with Jackyl (we know Uncle Ted doesn’t drink, but play along) and you’ll get a sense of what to expect on this sophomore release.
One of the strongest elements in BoneDryver is vocalist Mark Michaels, which voice color and way of singing brings to mind Jeff Scott Soto.

Despite managed by themselves in all aspects, BoneDryver’s album sounds great, and as a unit, the group is tight, punchy. They have many influences from ’70s arena rock, ’80s glam and ’90s hard rock groove – add to that a bit of Southern fried.
And having guitar solos ala Slash and a powerful singer recalling JSSoto doesn’t hurts. Oh, and they feature a guest spot by David Reece on vocals on one track.

For the most part the album rocks hard, with moments to calm things down a bit where melody arise, at places mid-tempo groovin’ as well. Without a doubt, this is definitely a recommended band if you’re into Classic Hard Rock / Heavy Rock with 70-80-90s feeling.


01. American Scream
02. Rock ‘n’ Roll Rodeo
03. Valley of the Bones
04. Shotgun Road
05. Seasons Change
06. Live It Up (It’s Dyin’ Time)
07. Cock in a Henhouse
08. Too Far Gone
09. Push Comes to Shove
10. Coming Home
11. Workin’ Man (feat. David Reece)
12. No Bones About It – This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll

Mark Michaels – Vocals
Jimmy Penland – Guitars
Jeff Price – Drums
Kevin Freeman – Bass



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