BOBBY STOKER – Everglow (2022)

BOBBY STOKER - Everglow (2022) full

Guitarist, singer-songwriter BOBBY STOKER is releasing his debut album “Everglow” via V.M.P. / Pride & Joy Music. Stoker is a well known cat in the German music business, as promoter as well as performer having played around 100 gigs every year since the early 1990s. Bobby also formed a back-up band for Bobby Kimball (ex TOTO) when tour in Europe.
At the end of 2020, unable to do live shows during the pandemic, Bobby founded his own label and started work on his first solo album “Everglow”, on which he took on the part of the lead vocals for the first time. He is accompanied by well-known and established names such as Willy Wagner (Fish , Bobby Kimball, Tony Carey) on bass and singers such as Oliver Hartmann and Ina Morgan from Avantasia on backing vocals.
“Everglow” is pure, timeless bluesy hard rock, not so edgy but more melodic. Stoker is a very good guitarist influenced by the greats, and the album sports a nice, warm clean production.

In 1995 – 1996 Bobby took part in the musical “Tommy” by “The Who” in Offenbach-Germany and then went on and founded his own recording studio in Frankfurt am Main. There he made a name for himself as a guitarist in the studio scene, recording commercials, songs, and commissioned productions.
Through the various producers and artists he worked for there, he also met the exceptional singer Melanie Thornton and in 1999 wrote songs for her debut solo album “Ready To Fly”, which was released in 2001 and achieved gold status for 150,000 sales in 2002 and reached number 3 in the German album charts.

Since 2018, Bobby has been a member of Go Music, the touring band of ex Klaus Lage bassist Martin Engelien, and plays alongside other exceptional musicians such as Pitti Hecht (percussion – Scorpions), Cherry Gehring (keyboarder – Pur), Benne Neuner (drums – Glasperlenspiel) and Dirk Brand (drums – Axxis).

In 2002, Bobby founded the production company “Vivid Music Productions” (V.M.P.) expanding his business beyond music production and songwriting to include event planning. To this day, “Vivid Music Productions” has established itself as an artist pool with a broad community roster of musicians & event networks and organizes around 100 -120 events every year.
“Everglow” is being released via his own V.M.P., but distributed by Pride & Joy Music.

After just over a year, together with the lyricist Nicole Göbel, 12 powerful rock songs were created, incorporating a heady mix of blues and soul. The album was mixed & mastered, in early 2022 by Tommy Newton (Helloween, UFO, Molly Hatchett).

Stoker is a talented musician, especially on the guitar. There are some tasty riffs throughout, especially on the song “The Devil in Me”. This was my favorite song on the album, because the riffs were strong, his voice sounded good, and the song structure was there. Bobby’s voice is raspy, but suave, melodic.
Other highlight is the ballad, “Sometimes”. This song in general gave me chills. Bobby’s voice sounds powerful, the saxophones are beautiful, and the rest of the music was great too.

Another softer track that I enjoyed was “Yesterday’s Gone”. It is a tender acoustic song, and it sounded like something that would have been on the acoustic side of GNR Lies by Guns N’ Roses. I thought Stoker’s voice was solid here as well.
The one song that really had me scratching my head was “Lessons in Pain”. The intro had a generic early 2000’s electronic type of feel, and the riffs throughout sound dark. It felt completely out of place on the album, but kudos to Bobby for try something different.
The album ends with an instrumental called “Eye of Horus”. It shows off Stoker’s guitar chops in only two minutes too long.

While with some flaws here and there, overall BOBBY STOKER’s debut LP ”Everglow” is an enjoyable collection of bluesy classic rock / hard rock where every instrument and the vocals find room to express. The music is driven by a fine, melodic guitar work never abusing of distortion.
Good stuff. Highly Recommended


01. Waiting For The Night
02. Best Way Out
03. My Destiny
04. The Devil In Me
05. Everglow
06. On The Road Again
07. Shot In The Dark
08. Lessons In Pain
09. Sometimes
10. I’m Your Friend
11. Yesterday’s Gone
12. Eye Of Horus

Bobby Stoker – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Markus Wessel – Keyboards, Organ
Willy Wagner – Bass
Jürgen Lucas – Drums
Guest / Session Musicians:
Oliver Hartmann – Backing Vocals
Ina Morgan – Backing Vocals
Christian Felke – Sax



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