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CATS IN SPACE are all set to return this summer with their fifth studio album which boldly promises to musically go “where no band has gone before…” the Sun!
Kickstart The Sun”, which took nine solid months to complete, and was partly recorded at the legendary RAK Studios in London, has once more raised the bar that was already set super high by their previous chart hitting albums. The familiar team of producer/guitarist and principal songwriter Greg Hart and engineer Ian Caple sees the new album clocking in at a stratospheric sixty-three minutes across a double album to be released in a variety of coloured formats, with an expanded limited double CD also on offer. The album features some very special guests who help to confirm that the band are pushing their musical boundaries to the absolute maximum on this epic journey with no less than fifteen brand new songs. Joining the CATS is the legendary Pedal steel player B.J. Cole (the man behind Tiny Dancer, Baker Street and No Regrets by the Walker Brothers amongst a star-studded CV) who guests on several tracks. Alongside B.J. is the Australian virtuoso Ian Cooper dubbed the ‘One Man String Orchestra’ and for the first time a real brass and horn section courtesy of Jack Birchwood. But, there is more…

Guesting vocally alongside seventh cat Mick Wilson is Emily Lynne and Lara Smiles from the Australian Pink Floyd and ‘The Duchess’ Julie Maguire, who gets to sing an incredible duet with CAT frontman and co-writer Damien Edwards.
The familiar CAT line-up of Steevi Bacon on drums/co-writer, Dean Howard on guitars, Jeff Brown on bass/vocals and the ‘Mad Hatter himself’ Andy Stewart on keyboards, alongside Damien and Greg have all delivered performances of giants.

Although the album centres around three epic songs including the title track, woven amongst the bombast the signature CATS’ sound is still very much in place, with some beautiful balladry and more than a sprinkling of 70s infused pomp rock.
With Steevi and Damien contributing more to the writing, CATS IN SPACE seem to have discovered another level in terms of artistry; sky-scraping vocals, drum solos, guitar battles, an army of keyboards and even orchestral sections all add up to ensure that the listener is taken on a triumphant journey that they will never want to end.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Kickstart The Sun (Intro)
02 – King Of Stars
03 – Poke The Witch
04 – Teenage Millionaires
05 – Goodbye To The American Dream
06 – 1,000,000 Miles
07 – Fifty-One Pillow Bed
08 – Charlie’s Ego
09 – Kickstart The Sun
10 – A Big Balloon
11 – Smoke & Mirrors
12 – Hero
13 – Last Dance Saloon
14 – Bootleg Bandoleros
15 – Kickstart The Sun (Reprise)

Damien Edwards – Lead & backing vocals
Greg Hart – Guitars, vocals, tubular bells, Moog
Steevi Bacon – Drums, percussion, timpani, harmonica
Abdy Stewart – Piano, electric piano, synthesizers
Dean Howard – Guitars, slide guitar
Jeff Brown – Bass guitars, vocals


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