SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL – Starstruck (2022)

SICK N' BEAUTIFUL - Starstruck (2022) full

Frontiers Music will release SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL‘s upcoming new album ”Starstruck”. Sick N’ Beautiful music is a unique concoction of hard rock and modern metal infused with electro-pop overtones, blending in varying influences from across the musical spectrum to create a sound all their own.
Live, the band puts together a fission-bomb of a show to wow people with tracks from their self-produced albums Hell Over Hell (2015) and Element Of Sex (2018). In just a few months, SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL managed to rise from playing the tiniest bars in Rome to the huge Italian stages. Extreme visuals, make-up and costumes, along with bombshell singer Herma keep the audience involved and nailed to the stage.
But of course, all the visuals in the world won’t work if inventive, intriguing, catchy music isn’t there, so make no mistake, Sick N’ Beautiful has substance to their visual stimulation.


01 – Tonight We Go To War
02 – StarStruck
03 – Drop It 2 The B
04 – This Is Not The End
05 – Defy The Light
06 – Deep End Dark
07 – Schadenfreude
08 – Pull Of Gravity
09 – Pray Tell Me
10 – Angels Be Fallin’
11 – Ytopynonavevanonypoty

Herma – Vocals
Nemes – Guitar
L0r1 – Guitar
Big Daddy Ray – Bass
Evey – Drums


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