VITAL PATH (feat Steve Newman) – Out Of Toys (2022) *HQ*

VITAL PATH (feat Steve Newman) - Out Of Toys (2022) - full

Taking a look at the album cover art and the band’s name, many would think this is a Prog music LP… well, no, “Out Of Toys“, the debut album from VITAL PATH is a classic Melodic Hard Rock / AOR collection of songs plenty of smooth melodies.
VITAL PATH is the new band from brothers Panos & Petros Papapetrou, whom previously already delivered melodic rock music with bands like Noely Rayn and VHS. Greece is known for housing many musicians in love with classic AOR, and “Out Of Toys” is just another proof of that.
While VITAL PATH secured the guest lead vocals of British AOR institution Steve Newman – it’s always a pleasure to hear him and serves as promotion for the album – truth is they don’t need Newman to showcase their quality.
Indeed, every track here is performed by a different Greek vocalist, and all do a very good job at the mic, including a female singer in one song (Angeliki Rossolatu / ‘The Voice of Greece’).

The record definitely exudes the aura and sound of the ’80s, as heard on the stabbing keys of opener “You Can Be the One”, a song that seems composed 1983. There’s a smooth performance by Michalis Smeros with a strong accent however it works well, helped by the female vocals of Viki Archontoulis during the chorus.
“Life Is Rolling On” featured Steve Newman, a commercial tune with a clear British hard rock / AOR style, a song for sure composed with his voice in mind. Very cool keys and guitar on this one.

“The Distance Between Us” is a dynamic midtempo / semi-ballad AOR track, a very good example of the band’s musicianship, as it has the most beautiful guitar solo on the record and gives us the opportunity to hear the range of Nikos Syrakos voice.
“Straight to the Top” is sung by female Angeliki Rossolatu, a song reminiscent of ’80s ladies like Janet Gardner (Vixen) or Sandy Saraya (Saraya) with that energy but without forgetting melody.

”Justification” (voice: Michalis Smeros) starts poppy akin Mr Mister then evolves beautifully into a nostalgic heavy pop-rock composition with a mid-Eighties feeling. Apostolis Psychramis sing on
“Where you Belong” which after a semi-acoustic intro, the semi-ballad gets more muscle and we have a very good guitars work throughout.
”No Space for Cry” pick up the pace for a rocker with the voice of Michalis Karasoulis who delivers a solid performance alongside the cool basslines, guitar riffs and synth passages.

Then VITAL PATH ends their debut album with a different son:, “Day of Reckoning” has a more melodic / hard delivery with an atmosphere that I can’t help but brings to mind Tony Martin fronting Black Sabbath circa 1987. Manos Fatsis has the right voice to sing this strong track.

VITAL PATH surprises with their versatility and ability to write dynamic songs ranging from AOR to hard. While self-produced & released it’s very well done, and with a label support behind this project has the potential for bigger things.
Highly Recommended


01 – You Can Be the One
02 – Life Is Rolling On
03 – The Distance Between Us
04 – Straight to the Top
05 – Justification
06 – Where You Belong
07 – No Space for Cry
08 – Day of Reckoning

Petros Papapetrou (Flying Mercury) – Drums
Panos Papapetrou (Noely Rayn, Remember Lizzy, VHS) – Guitars, Keyboards, Bass

Steve Newman – Vocals
Apostolis Psychramis – Vocals
Michael Smeres – Vocals
Nikos Syrakos – Vocals
Manos Fatsis – Vocals
Michalis Karasoulis – Vocals
Angeliki Rossolatu – Vocals
Viki Archontoulis – Vocals


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