TEN – Stormwarning (2011)

TEN Stormwarning 2011

Japan release with bonus track

Turmoil is a word that could well describe what life has been like in the TEN camp over the past few years. Going through several line-up changes and a self imposed exiles from the scene, singer and principal songwriter Gary Hughes knew he had another ace up his sleeve and decided to play it safe.

For the new album “Stormwarning” he wanted first to have the right line-up and he enlisted the services of Neil Fraser on lead guitars and Mark Sumner on bass, in addition to long-time members John Helliwell on guitar and Paul Hodson on keyboards.

He then secured the masterful Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) to guest on the album taking care of the drum duties and made sure that none other than Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Place Vendome, Sunstorm) would mix and produce the album.

“Stormwarning” is classic TEN. There is a ‘back to basics’ feel in the songwriting with an updated sound, specially on the rhythm guitars. Still present is the mix of the classic UK melodic hard rock with the epic.

“Endless Symphony” starts the album with a sweet intro and the typical Ten’s epic atmosphere. The riff is dense and strong.

Same with the following “Centre Of My Universe”.

“Kingdom Come” begins with slow piano path, leading to a mid-tempo tune with a chorus that refers to the time of ‘Babylon’, while “Book of Secrets” is reminiscent of vintage Whitesnake and Hughes’ taste for classic british hard rock.

Title track “Stormwarning” is melodic with some nice guitar work, but nothing outstanding.

“Invisible” returns to a more hard edge with classic hard rock inspiration.

“Love Song” isn’t a ballad (although starts very calm), this is an interesting mid-tempo with some AOR hints.

Surprisingly, “The Hourglass And The Landslide” has a poppy aura with a catchy chorus. The most commercial track on offer here.

Next track “Destiny” has an epic melody but rockier, dynamic and intense.

Last track “The Wave” is the ballad, orchestrated with a wall of keyboards and soft vocals by Hughes.

Japanese bonus track “The Darkness” has a melodic rock structure, undeniably Ten.

Maybe you’ve noted my lack of enthusiasm reviewing “Stormwarning”.

I don’t like TEN. This new album hasn’t changed my opinion.

Their first 2 albums are ok, but since then I can’t dig the muddy layers of guitars, endless solos and repetitive themes.

It’s not that the musicianship sucks or the vocals are bad. There is just not anything here that promotes excitement. Just my opinion.

But as I’ve written above, this is classic TEN. If you like their previous albums, you’ll enjoy this one as well.

1. Endless Symphony

2. Centre Of My Universe

3. Kingdom Come

4. Book Of Secrets

5. Stormwarning

6. Invisible

7. Love Song

8. The Hourglass And The Landslide

9. Destiny

10. The Wave

11. The Darkness (Japanese Bonus Track)

Gary Hughes – Vocals, Guitars, Backing Vocals

John Halliwell – Guitars, Acoustic Guitars

Neil Fraser – Guitars, Lead Guitars

Paul Hodson – Keyboards and Synthesisers, Programming

Mark Sumner – Bass Guitars

With Mark Zonder – Drums and Percussion

Produced & Mixed by Dennis Ward

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