SEBASTIAN BACH – Kicking & Screaming (2011)

SEBASTIAN BACH - Kicking & Screaming (2011)


When Sebastian Bach’s previous album, ‘Angel Down’, hit the streets in ’07, fans hoping for something on par with Skid Row were instead subjected to a full-fledged heavy metal album that saw Bach screaming as much as singing.

On his new “Kicking & Screaming”, Bach sings far more than he screams (though he definitely cuts loose with his patented wail from time to time) and the hooks are significantly improved, as also the songwriting and performances.

After finishing his last album’s tour, Bach fell out with members of his band over financial matters and subsequently publicly advertised for young replacements who still had the fire.

It appears he got his wish, all in the form of one young whiz kid under half Bach’s age named Nick Sterling. Sterling plays almost every note of guitar and bass on this record, as well as writing a fair portion of it.

The result is simply the best Seb Bach album has recorded since Skid Row.

Bach opens with the title track “Kicking And Screaming”, which does seem somewhat apt for his character. This is a raucous and boisterous affair with a very infectious chorus and kicks off the release perfectly.

There is plenty more in that vein such as “Dancing On Your Grave” and “One Good Reason” which is probably the highlight track of the album.

“TunnelVision” (with the amazing John5 as guest on guitars), has a tough, nasty, throbbing groove, while “Dirty Power” is loaded with a fierce rhythm section and a power-hook chorus.

You get the catchy mid-tempo rocker on “As Long as I Got the Music”. Considering the recent loss of his home in New Jersey due to Hurricane Irene, it’s eerily ironic how much more impact this song have now for Sebastian Bach.

And this being Bach, you also get some slower tracks.

“Dream Forever” is a nice melodic hard rock track, at the middle of the album there is the good power ballad “I’m Alive”, while the disc ends with the mellowest track of all, which is the radio friendly ‘Wishin’.

What you have on “Kicking & Screaming” is a good hard rock album, nothing more, nothing less. This makes it, in a way, very comforting, as there are no unwanted surprises.

Most of the thirteen songs offered are of the faster variety, although the heaviness and vocals do vary from number to number.

The production is what you would expect to hear: solid, consistent, in your face when it needs to be and pulls back at the right moments. There are a few rare occasions when Sebastian seems to strain to hit some of the higher notes, though he does land on them.

What are also good are the skills of new guitar hero Nick Sterling. He smokes an axe with the hot-blooded energy of youth, pumping out power-riffs, laying down wicked licks and scorching the strings with some sizzling solos.

“Kicking & Screaming” does a great job of displaying Bach’s inimitable vocal talents, musically in place where hard rock and metal juxtapose, in fine fashion.

01 – Kicking & Screaming

02 – My Own Worst Enemy

03 – Tunnelvision

04 – Dance On Your Grave

05 – Caught In A Dream

06 – As Long As I Got The Music

07 – I’m Alive

08 – Dirty Power

09 – Live The Life

10 – Dream Forever

11 – One Good Reason

12 – Lost In The Night

13 – Wishin’

Sebastian Bach – Vocals

Nick Sterling – Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals

Bobby Jerzombek – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

John 5 – Guitars on “TunnelVision”


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