CINDERELLA – Caught In The Act (2011)

CINDERELLA - Caught In The Act (2011)


Cinderella was always much more than your typical hair metal band.
The group’s commercial approach at the beginning of their career established them as major act, but they quickly become a legitimate quality classic hard rock band with subsequent albums.

“Caught In The Act” captures a Cinderella live show, an it is a great representation of the band and how good they sound on stage.
Recorded in the second half of the nineties, the setlist includes their classics but also some of the lesser known material.
From the opening riff of “The More Things Change” to “Shake Me”, the performances never lose intensity.
The band’s staple rockers “Gypsy Road”, “The More Things Change”, and even ’86s “Somebody Save Me”, sound almost unbelievably fresh, timeless.
“The Last Mile” and “Coming Home” live versions are just plain magical.
Tom Keifer sure can work a crowd. After his vocal cord problems in the mid ’90s, his performance here confirms that he was back in top form. The man also plays more than one type of guitar and piano.
There are subtle string/keyboard arrangements underneath that are at times more than just decoration.
Jeff Labar’s guitars are pure and melodic, almost with no effects, while drummer Fred Coury apart from his precise beats plays such great violin accompaniments.

I’m not one to immediately suggest live and hits albums, but “Caught In The Act” is a really good recording, raw and energetic, but clean and melodic at the same time, and very well mixed. It has all the flavor and intensity of a perfect rock concert, it sounds just like you are right there.
If you are one of the lucky owners of Cinderella’s ‘Live At The Key Club’ (published more than ten years ago and now out of print), don’t bother as this is the same recording, but if you miss this one at the time, get it now, really worth it.
“Caught In The Act” rocks with everything that made Cinderella a top notch rock band in the late ’80s early ’90s.
Really Good.

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Tom Keifer – vocals, guitar, piano
Jeff Labar – guitars
Eric Brittingham – bass, vocals
Fred Coury – drums, violin


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