THE SKY (Robert Fleischman) – The Sky (out of print)

THE SKY (Robert Fleischman) - The Sky (2011)


Founded last year by veteran rock vocalist/songwriter Robert Fleischman (Journey / Vinnie Vincent Invasion), THE SKY is releasing their self-produced, self-titled debut album.
Although the singer recorded various solo albums and has been part of bands including Channel and the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, he seems destined to always be known as ‘the first front man of Journey’ (preceding Steve Perry by nine months or so) between the albums ‘Next’ and ‘Infinity’.

Upon his induction with Journey to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Robert’s desire to perform live was again inspired.
After auditioning musicians in his native town of Los Angeles, he decided to look into a different circle of players. LA session drummer Andre LaBelle, who played with Robert in the past with ex Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent, had relocated to Virginia.
Robert soon discovered that Richmond was exploding with talent and decided to develop the band in Virginia. Holding down the rhythm section is drummer Andre LaBelle and bassist Steve Barber. The guitars are provided by Stephan LaJaunie and Brady Cole.

THE SKY plays handmade, song-driven rock & roll with punch.
It’s high energy music with a classic rock pattern, up front guitars and a direct style. In fact, most of the album was recorded live in the studio.
Their sound is a balance of classic American Rock and some Brit-pop with a bit of psychedelia, a cocktail where The Who, The Cult, Tom Petty or The Rolling Stones comes to mind.

Any questions about what the listener is going to experience or what the band is about are quickly answered when “All I Want” bangs loudly at your door until “Boomerang” with it’s more brooding but no less punchy riff decides not to wait and just kicks it in. Good songs if you like this genre.
I don’t like at all the dissonant “In And Out”, but things change colors with the retro Brit sounding “The Real Beat” and the Tom Petty-like follower “Dancing In My Head” with its Cheap Trick influences as well. Both are have more restrained and open wide guitars.

The bluesy, melodic classic rocker “Revelation” is one of the best tracks here, together with the acoustically driven “Smile”. Both songs deliver the necessary change of pace that stops the album from being one-dimensional in intensity.
“Time” is another of the really good tracks of the CD. It has a radio-friendly vibe with harmony and backing vocals countered by edgy guitar riffs. Here is where Fleischman’s voice really sounds melodic, just the way I like.

After many years Robert Fleischman is back with a new band, and that’s a good thing. I would preferred a more melodic music as in his days with Channel, but the man has opted to ‘rock on’ with straight rock.
Some of “The Sky” rockers work pretty well, some others not. Many tracks are vibrant, energetic and really exude rock ‘n roll pulse, while others are boring and with some Brit-pop touches that personally don’t like.

For the most part I think these are well crafted songs for this genre, and all the musicians involved are more than competent.
The debut album from “The Sky” may not be perfect but considering it is the vehicle for Fleischman’s return, it’s more than welcomed.
If you like guitar driven rock with big riffs and a live feel, this is for you.

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01 – All I Want
02 – Boomerang
03 – In And Out
04 – The Real Beat
05 – Dancing In My Head
06 – Revelation
07 – Broken Glass
08 – Smile
09 – Drowning Man
10 – Time
11 – Sunshine

Robert Fleischman (lead vocals)
Stephan LaJaunie (guitar)
Brady Cole (guitar)
Steve Barber (bass)
Andre LaBelle (drums)



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