RYDELL & QUICK – R.O.A.D.T.R.I.P. (2012)

RYDELL & QUICK - R.O.A.D.T.R.I.P. (2012)


With nearly 250 gigs a year and about 4000 completed live concerts since their formation in the late nineties, RYDELL & QUICK is the most touring rock band in Sweden.

Their statistics are more than impressive for a band that so often – well, almost never – has appeared in the media.

Occurs that Rydell & Quick are a self-managed band in all aspects, and their main motto is playing live, and this fact is precisely why the band’s popularity is immense in Scandinavia.

Something that many ‘big rock acts’ should learn: go and play everywhere, and your fan base will grown at grand scale.

This is a highly professional combo, both musically and on stage; they have their own crew, their custom designed light towers, PA system, trailers with Rydell & Quick-design. The whole package.

After several singles, the band’s full length debut in 2006 remained 8 weeks in a row on the local Top 40.

Now, Rydell & Quick have released last week their brand new album “R.O.A.D.T.R.I.P.”, which has landed directly in the 3rd place on the Scandinavian general music chart, and #1 in the Rock chart.

And what kind of rock plays Rydell & Quick? This is feel-good, catchy Euro Melodic Hard Rock.

Christer Rydell on vocals & guitar and the sensual Malin Quick adding cool rockin’ sax fills and backing vocals, have created a solid rock sound that echo such bands like Y&T, Whitesnake and Gotthard, but much more simple and unpretentious; this is fun music, with short and effective songs.

“R.O.A.D.T.R.I.P.” is a fun rockin’ album, with sing-along songs to crank while you’re driving your car or enjoy riding your motorcycle as Rydell & Quick do (they’re officially sponsored by Harley-Davidson).

As said, the songs are simple but extremely catchy, with Rydell singing in the classic rock way and playing straight ahead melodic riffs, complemented by Quick’s rocking sax play and harmonic vocals.

Production is first rate with a big, anthemic sound provided by the experienced Tobias Lindell (Europe, Atomic Kitten).

An enjoyable Melodic Rock album that puts a smile on your face and will definitely get your motor running.


You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrockz

01 – Do It Right Now

02 – Tears Are Falling In The Night

03 – All In Like A Rockstar

04 – Life Is Just A Dream

05 – Take Your Time To Remember

06 – Money, So Much Pain

07 – When Love Is Gone

08 – I Want You

09 – Watch Out

10 – Time To Say Goodbye

Christer Rydell – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Malin Quick – Sax, Vocals

Jonas Bonnier – Bass

Berndt Baumgartner – Drums

Peer Stappe – Drums



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