THE BOYSCOUT – Blood Red Rose [A Rock Fantasy] (2012)

THE BOYSCOUT - Blood Red Rose [A Rock Fantasy] (2012)

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Manuel “The Boyscout” Mijalkovski is a German guitarist & vocalist with an immeasurable love for motorcycles, but aso for rock ‘n’ roll music.

This biker-rocker has been developing his musical passion from twenty years, occasionally recording and releasing by his own several singles.

Now The Boyscout is ready to bring out his full length debut “Blood Red Rose; A Rock Fantasy”.

The mastermind behind “The Boyscout” is no other than Michael Voss (Michael Schenker, Casanova, Mad Max), who has played, produced and given musical direction to Manuel “The Boyscout” Mijalkovski ambition to rock the world.

The CD “Blood Red Rose; A Rock Fantasy” is available in Germany but will see its international release in August, 24th.

This promotional material includes some tracks from the album, featuring impressive guest stars such as Robin Beck and Amanda Somerville.

Manuel’s declared influences are Bon Jovi, Gotthard, Casanova, and indeed we can hear these band’s styles in his music.

Title track “Blood Red Rose; A Rock Fantasy” is a very good polished melodius rock tune including real orchestration, and a truly good duet with Somerville. The ‘single edit’ version, apart from being shorter, seems a bit re-mixed.

“Look At Me Now” has a catchy Casanova melodic rock style, while “Bikers Feeling” is a cool hard rocking ode to the ‘biker’ lifestile.

“Hey… I Love You!!!” is presented in two versions; one with The Boyscout on main vocals, and the other, much more interesting, in a duet with the always lovable Robin Beck.

The music is really well produced by Michael Voss, who also adds his touch with many instrumentation, and although Manuel The Boyscout isn’t the best singer in the world, his hoarse vocals work for these tunes.

And we have Robin Beck and Amanda Somerville!

A future release to keep an eye on.

As a curious and innovative method of promotion, Manuel “The Boyscout” Mijalkovski is offering this deal; if you pre-order the CD and send him the receipt, as soon as 25.000 copies of the album “Blood Red Rose; A Rock Fantasy” are sold worldwide, two lucky winners will be drawn by a notary.

Prizes: a Harley Davidson bike and money.

The Boyscout says: “This is not a lottery or gambling, this is my way of saying Thank You to help me live my dream and I will give you the gift of 1 x Harley Davidson ‘Fat Boy’ and 1 x 10.000 € cash”.

More info in his website:

01 – Blood Red Rose (A Rock Fantasy) [feat. Amanda Somerville]

02 – Look At Me Now

03 – Blood Red Rose (single edit)

04 – Hey… I Love You!!! [feat. Robin Beck]

05 – Bikers Feeling

06 – Hey… I Love You!!! [Boyscout Edit]

Manuel “The Boyscout” Mijalkovski: lead vocals, guitar

Michael Voss: guitar, bass, production

Heiko Strings: guitar, bass, keys

Ben Hatten: drums, percussion

Stefan Heinz: keys

Robin Beck: lead vocals on 4

Amanda Somerville: lead vocals on 1, 3

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