AEROSMITH – Lover Alot (2012)

AEROSMITH - Lover Alot (2012)


Legend AEROSMITH will return on November 6th with their first album in eight years, ‘Music From Another Dimension’.

The 14-track effort was preceded by the lead single ‘Legendary Child’, and now it’s time for another cut from the album: “Lover Alot”.

Thank heaven, Aerosmith aren’t trying to do anything but be themselves, they do a pretty damn good job; the old shoes still fit very well.

We’re not saying you could drop this song in the middle of ‘Rocks’ or ‘Toys in the Attic’ and not have anybody notice a difference, mind you.

But the songcraft, attitude and spirit of “Lover Alot” match up with the band’s late eighties / early nineties golden era at least, as well — if not better — as you could reasonably hope.

As happened with ‘Legendary Child’, if “Lover Alot” is a representative sampling of what we can expect from the band’s new album, Aerosmith fans are in for a very pleasant year.

Lover Alot (3:35)

Steven Tyler – lead vocals, keyboards, percussion

Joe Perry – guitar, backing vocals

Brad Whitford – guitar

Tom Hamilton – bass, backing vocals

Joey Kramer – drums, percussion


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