RICHARD PAGE – Songs From The Sketchbook (2012)

RICHARD PAGE - Songs From The Sketchbook (2012)


Mr. Mister’s mastermind RICHARD PAGE has released another solo album. Or more accurate, a collection of songs mostly written for other artists, which for some reason never were recorded by the intended artist.

“Songs From The Sketchbook” thankfully rescues a bunch of hidden gems, and coming from Richard Page, as usual, are a pure delight for the ears.

First of all, let me tell you that “Songs From The Sketchbook” isn’t a collection of ‘sketches’, these are all full fledged masterpieces from Page’s magical pen.

Written for quite a diverse bunch of artists, it will come as no surprise the material on here is diverse as well. Yet, as all is played and sung by him, it still sounds coherent.

The cool thing is he explains extensively in the booklet how this all came about. Like he also discusses the circumstances under which these versions were recorded, with whom and when.

The first track “Falling Into Place” is a Mr. Mister leftover and is one of the most rocking tracks. An addicting AOR song with all that Mr. Mister aura all over.

Another outstanding track is the wonderful “Love Rescue Me”, another uptempo tune co-written in 1993 with no other than Billy Sherwood, destined for Richard’s solo album. Why this great track never ended in the CD is beyond me.

One listen to “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing” and you will embraced by tons of emotions. Just Page’s vocals, his guitar and subtle keyboards in the background, this song is a shot straight to the fibers of your heart.

“I Think It’s Gonna Rain” is another old track penned in 1994, based on harmony vocals, same with the melodic “Every Day’s A New Day” where the vocals are bright and warm.

“Don’t Let Me Down” is one of those trademark Richard Page ballads, while the poppy “Long, Long Road” was written few years ago and has a more modern approach.

“Songs From The Sketchbook” comprises a diverse collection of songs written and performed by Richard Page during the last twenty years, balancing uptempo tracks with the smooth stuff his recent solo work is known for.

A flawless, pure Page album. Pure class.

And I love it.

01 – Falling Into Place

02 – I Think It’s Gonna Rain

03 – Every Day’s A New Day

04 – I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

05 – Don’t Let Me Down

06 – Just Keep Lovin’

07 – Long Long Road

08 – I’m With You

09 – Love Rescue Me

10 – What Is A Friend


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