TORBEN SCHMIDT – Long Story Short (2012)

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Back in ’80s, Danish singer / songwriter TORBEN SCHMIDT was the vocalist, principal writer and frontman of the successful Melodic Rock AOR band Skagarack.

One of the pillars of the genre in Europe, the band enjoyed a healthy career including several awards and an appearance at the prestigious Reading Rock festival, but as the nineties rolled around Torben Schmidt put the band on hold to release his critically acclaimed solo debut A Bit On The Side.

It took almost 20 years to have another Torben Schmidt solo album, “Long Story Short”, but well worth the wait.

After his solo debut in 1991, Skagarack recorded another album before the band split. Torben then concentrated on his production company and record label and worked behind the scenes.

But his fans have never forgotten him as performer artist.

States Torben; “Fans and friends have asked me many times over the years, if and when I would release a new solo album, and I always answered next year, next year…

Well, I have said ‘next year’ so many times that it became embarrassing… So, about three years ago I actually started to record a bunch of my song ideas, and before I knew it I had the eleven songs that are featured on *Long Story Short*.”

In “Long Story Short” there’s a definite European Westcoast feel on a lot of the songs, but basically it’s a Classic Rock album plenty of delicate melodies and vocal harmonies.

First and foremost, Torben is a great singer, reminding me a bit of Alien’s Jim Jidhed with a very pleasant toneful voice color.

He manages to keep things interesting intercalating uptempo tracks with softer ones, but the rock attitude is ever present.

This CD sounds alive and nicely dynamic in its sound and approach. There’s no programming here, all are played by seasoned session musicians and recorded in the traditional old fashion.

Torben also has used musicians not immediately intimately associated to this genre, including two Freak Kitchen members; incredible guitar player Mattias IA Eklund and drummer Björn Fryklund, virtuoso Swedish guitarist Christian Alsing and many others.

From the soaring mid-tempo “Run Away” to the sweet “Looking For A Friendly Face”, this lovable album delivers quality in all departments.

We have melodious rockers in “All Is Said” and “Too Damn Cute”, damn fine ballads in “You” and “Gently Back To Life”, and a good country tingled tune in “Tone It Down” recalling Mark Spiro.

Perhaps my favorite is the catchy & contagious melodic rock of “Take It Like A Man”, but the rocking “It’s The Fire” is another highlight adorned with a killer guitar solo performed by another guest, guitarist Simon Rabenhöj.

Really Good.

01 – Run Away

02 – All Is Said

03 – Funny

04 – You

05 – Take It Like A Man

06 – Gently Back To Life

07 – Too Damn Cute

08 – Tone It Down

09 – It’s The Fire

10 – The Coffee Song

11 – Looking For A Friendly Face

Torben Schmidt – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards

Mattias IA Eklund – guitar

Björn Fryklund – drums

Christian Alsing – guitar

Lars Danielsson – bass

and many more


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