SKAGARACK – Big Time [digital remaster] (2012)

SKAGARACK - Big Time [digital remaster] (2012) mp3 download


Without a doubt, SKAGARACK was one of the best Scandinavian Melodic Rock / AOR acts ever, and together with Pretty Maids, the finest coming out from Denmark.

Their four albums are all utterly essential in any collection. While the first two are pure keyboard driven AOR, their 3rd added more guitars to the proceedings.

In “Big Time” (1993), the last, Skagarack slightly turned their style into more melodic hard rock sounds, still retaining the band’s classic AOR pedigree.

This album is usually relegated in the fan favorite lists, but it’s an absolute cracker as the previous ones. In fact, I think “Big Time” includes some of the best Skagarack’s tunes in history.

Just check the awesome melodic hard rock bliss of “Somebody Like Me” and “Ain’t You Got A Mother”, the pure AOR heaven in “It’s Never Too Late” or the irresistible melodic line of “Hold On Just One More Time”.

With Skagarack’s singer and mastermind Torben Schmidt recently releasing a delicious solo album (already presented here) the band is reissuing their catalogue with a fresh digital remastering.

“Big Time 2012 remaster” sounds incredible, noticeably enhanced and clean, better than ever, including a bonus track as plus.

This is a Must Have people.

Awesome album.

01 – It’s Never Too Late

02 – Ain’t You Got A Mother

03 – Somebody Like Me

04 – I Want You

05 – Hold You, Love You, Give You

06 – Edge Of Illusion

07 – Hold On Just One More Time

08 – Wonder If You Really Know

09 – Big Time

10 – It’s Never Too Late (Acoustic Version)

11 – This Time Of Year [Bonus Track]

Torben Schmidt – lead & backing vocals

Allan Gade – guitars

Jens Brockhoff – bass

Steen Boel – keyboards

Lars Daugaard – drums


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