SHANGHAI GUNS – Seven Shots (2012)

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Swiss-Franc new act SHANGHAI GUNS was founded last year by guitar player Yves Leyvraz, and after intense songwriting months with Stefan Tudela (vocals), the band was ready to record their debut “Seven Shots”

The album was tracked down in January 2012 at LFT Tonstudio (Frankfurt, Germany), under the guide of producer Marc Bugnard, ex Roko guitarist.

And indeed Shanghai Guns’ style recalls that very good German band from the beginning of the nineties (remember their self-titled album and ‘Open Invitation’?), with a sound clearly inspired by ’80s hard rock.

Although Shanghai Guns songwriting is influenced by American bands, their sound is typically European for the most part, being the guitar chops which gives them some US flavor.

After the Intro, “Long Way Hard Decision” starts rocking good with melody and tons of six-string pyrotechnics all over, followed by the midtempo melodic rocker “Memories”, a song with good vibe, a bit weak during the verses, but the bridge and chorus are really cool.

“As Long As I Rock” adds keyboards to the proceedings, a track with an anthemic delivery, before Shanghai Guns offers their ballad here, “It’s Time”, builded over clean and percusive electric guitars.

“Whinger” is perhaps the most retro tune here, a mid-eighties hard rocker with a Dokken smell and some Keel as well. This is one of the best produced tracks of the album, with ‘air’ and that US metal atmosphere.

“Party Animal Dude (PAD)” puts the pedal to the metal, a rapid hard rock with a solid rhythm and some loose playing. The CD ends with the bluesy hard of “The Final Song (A Shot Between the Eyes)” – which morphs the pace in the middle section – an ok track where singer Tudela steals the show.

Fans of ’80s American Hard Rock blended with an European sound will enjoy “Seven Shots”.

Shanghai Guns needs to improve in some areas, specially the lyrics, but this indie release shows a potential for better things to come. Leyvraz certainly has the chops, the vocals are good and the correct rhythm section sounds tight and capable.

A band to keep an eye on.

01 – Intro

02 – Long Way Hard Decision

03 – Memories

04 – As Long As I Rock

05 – It’s Time

06 – Whinger

07 – Party Animal Dude (PAD)

08 – The Final Song (A Shot Between the Eyes)

Stefan Tudela (Vocals)

Yves Leyvraz (Guitars)

Nick Delvin (Bass)

S├ębastien Chave (Drums)


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