THE BRIMSTONE DAYS – On A Monday Too Early To Tell (2012)

THE BRIMSTONE DAYS - On A Monday Too Early To Tell (2012)


THE BRIMSTONE DAYS, anchored in Malmö, Sweden, like many of their like-minded brothers and sisters throughout their homeland, turn the knobs on the way back machine to the ’70s for a refresher course in bluesy hard rock.

The retro-rocking trio is releasing their 2nd album “On A Monday Too Early To Tell” with their tasty brew of Hendrix, Zeppelin, Bad Company and Humble Pie proving mightily infectious.

Released through Transubstans Records, the album immediately opens on a major high in “I Need Soul”, a song which envelops the ear with a teasing swagger declaration, its heart and enthused energy an instant contagion to unleash ones inhibitions to.

From such a strong and irresistible start many bands might have lost impetus such the quality of the song, but The Brimstone Days just lays layer after layer of fully sounds with sharp invention and fired imagination.

The likes of the hungrily grooved “What Do You Want”, the devilish “Same Old Story”, the catchy “Burry The Hatchet” and the growling bluesy “One-Two-Two”, simply grabs one by the scruff of the neck and lead into an unbridled tempered riot of melodic fires and addiction forming grooves.

Tune in to the bounding gallop of “Tucson Arizona” to be carried away on shimmering hi-hat bliss, bow down to throb of bass that heralds in “Upon Your Shoulders”, to be beaten into submission with a glinting, manic grin.

The overarching feeling you get is that The Brimstone Days are concerned first and foremost with having a good time and making it ‘impossible to stand still.’

To do it, the trio take the rock and inject some funk factors into it, keeping it pretty accessible and upbeat over these tunes always rounding the 3 minute mark.

As with all the best retro-rockers, with “On A Monday Too Early To Tell” The Brimstone Days never ever sound like copyists or plagiarists, instead their deep grooves feel authentic and heartfelt, convincing from their first insistent riff, to their last thunderous drum beat.

Singing guitarist Håkan Lanz will remind you many greats from the past within his own inspiring tones. Add to that the triumphant rhythm duo of wonderfully named bassist Hampus Hallgard and drummer Johannes Malmqvist, who bounce along with enthusiasm and energy from start to finish, and this recording becomes the sort of album that will shake you from your slumbers, usher in the good times and start a party.

The pace may dip and dive across the twelve songs that make up “On A Monday Too Early To Tell”, but the standard never does and neither does the conviction with which this trio deliver their feel-good Classic Rock grooves.

And let that be a lesson for all the many, many other retro rock wannabes trying to convince that they aren’t just aping their heroes to tune into a movement.

The Brimstone Days mean it and the mean it with every note, every beat and every word.

Classic Rock is back. 

01 – I Need Soul

02 – What Do You Want

03 – Confession

04 – Close The Door

05 – Same Old Story

06 – Burry The Hatchet

07 – One-Two-Two

08 – Helping Hand

09 – Give Me A Reason

10 – On A Monday Too Early To Tell

11 – Captain Tom

12 – Upon Your Shoulders

13 – Tucson Arizona

14 – Throw That Stone

Håkan Lanz – Voclas, Guitars

Hampus Hallgard – Bass

Johannes Malmqvist – Drums


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