NIK KERSHAW – Ei8ht (2012)

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Months ago we presented here the expanded, remastered edition of NIK KERSHAW’s Human Racing, one of the most representative albums of the ’80s sounds.

Apart from being achieved platinum sales and chart hits, the man was more than a one hit wonder, on the contrary, a talented songwriter and skillful musician.

After his eighties success, Nik focused on working together with other stars writing and arranging, returning to the front scene of the music industry in 1998 and has just released his eight studio album entitled “Ei8ht”.

“Ei8ht” doesn’t attempt to replicate his past glory, it shows off Kershaw’s creativity and writing skills by presenting a very diverse range of songs. Whilst the album doesn’t really tell a story as a whole, each individual track does, this is kind of what songwriting used to be about.

Good songwriters don’t usually lose their knack overnight, and Kershaw proves that as he gets on this particular bike once more. Each of these songs is a self-contained unit, not exactly pushing the boundaries of the conventional rock&pop song but well constructed and planting a kernel at the same time.

Many of the songs grow in to earworms, which by the third or fourth listen are burned in to the consciousness.

As said, the mix of styles is relatively eclectic considering they are all from the same artist, blending adult rock&pop with melodic lines that are an ear candy.

Nothing beats opening the CD with an uplifting melodious rock&pop stomper, so that’s exactly what Nik does. “These Tears” sets an incredible mood for the album, showing straight away what an amazing performer, lyricist and composer Kershaw is.

The first single off the album will be “The Sky’s The Limit” which is a simple yet beautiful song that inspires and shows why Nik is such a master of his craft.

“Rock Of Ages” is the most ’80s sounding track in the album with guitars and pace that will remind you the Human Racing era.

Then we have a melodic and poetic journey in “Runaway”, a beautiful lyrical masterpiece, one that tugs at your heart strings to the more rocky sounding “You’re The Best” with a chorus that certainly sticks in your head, it will take you on a ride as you try and determine its genre (hint: don’t try). A creative achievement with the firm stamp of the ‘Nik Kershaw’ sound throughout.

“Ei8ht” has a feeling of the eighties about it, while at the same time displaying a very 2012 sound. It’s a collection of eleven original ‘real life’ songs combining irresistible melodies with sharp, intelligent lyrics.

A record that delivers passionate songs with warm choruses to soulful and more emotionally charged tunes as well as giving us some stunning vocals, strong rhythms, a few ’80s bits and organic guitar riffs.

I don’t care musical genres, there is something for everybody in this brilliant, intelligent album from Nik Kershaw and one that deserves to be a huge hit. A truthful voice that sings from the heart, something that shines through on every song.

Not only “Ei8ht” is mature, beautifully crafted album, it’s also the perfect reminder why Kershaw has been nominated for three Ivor Novello and four Brit Awards.


01 – These Tears

02 – The Sky’s The Limit

03 – Runaway

04 – Shoot Me

05 – Bad Day You’re Having

06 – Red Strand

07 – Enjoy The Ride

08 – You’re The Best

09 – Stuff

10 – Rock Of Ages

11 – The Bell

12 – The Sky’s The Limit (Radio Version-Bronnimann Mix)

Nik Kershaw – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards and Percussion

Paul Geary – Bass

Erik Rydningen – Drums

Keely & Chesney Hawkes – Backing vocals

NIK KERSHAW - Ei8ht (2012) back cover


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