MIDNITE SUN – Anyone Like Us ? (2012)

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MIDNITE SUN might be a new name for many of us, but these Italians aren’t newcomers into the hard rock scene.

The band relased their debut in 2005, played central Europe as main act and supporting the likes of UDO, John Lawton Band, Oliver & Dawson’s Saxon, Lynch Mob and were chosen as opening act for House Of Lords European tour in 2008. That says something about them.

“Anyone Like Us?” is their second offereing after seven years in the making and some line-up changes in the middle.

Midnite Sun updated rhythm section includes drummer Mike Galletto who joined in 2009 and bass player Uncle Sappa (The Unripes, Sutuana) just recently added to the core.

Despite all the bass parts were played by former member Marco Morelli and on three tracks we can hear previous drummer Alessandro Mori, the overall sound in “Anyone Like Us?” is tight and homogeneous.

Musically Midnite Sun goes for a good mix of ’80s / ’90s hard rock and some modern elements, with a sound constructed over a thick double guitar attack.

Powerful yet very clean, their hard rock can be compared to Lynch Mob in its delivery. The guitars take the central scene but with a controlled, compact sound and the rhythm section is in the ‘compressed’ style, very fat as a whole.

Opener “Lost In A Killing Field” is a solid guitar driven rocker with a great twin guitar interaction, groovy bass lines and well articulated vocals which turn quite melodic during the chorus. Enrico Sarzi is a seasoned singer with the right attack for this kind rock, phrasing with an American style for good effect.

“Mind The Gap” continues, more nineties oriented and with a wink to Skid Row in the songwriting. The guitar work is flashy here and the gang vocals rock.

In “Right Wrong Way” the ’80s influence is evident in the melody, same in the jumpin’ “Unbreakable” where the first Ugly Kid Joe comes to mind, another band which Midnite Sun can be compared to.

“Inferno” has a more relaxed pace, a groovy midtempo adding some breaks and sporting a really melodic chorus, while “Cannibal Love” is the same vein yet more dark and gritty.

“Fault” is the ballad here, a beautiful melody driven by clean electrics and a very good vocal delivery from Sarzi. The track fits the in ballad slot, but not the typical syruped one.

Closer “Postcards From My Life” is another slow tune, this time acoustically filled and a damn fine number it is. Ghosts of Tyketto can be heard here and the aforementioned Ugly Kid Joe calm side as well.

Anyone Like Us? is one of these albums that starts growing on you after a couple of listens.

Energetic, rocking and pleasant at first glance, but it’s after repeated listens when you discover these guys are really good composing, arranging and playing hard rock songs with some essence.

Their musicianship is second to none and while the album was recorded at different stages of time and with different producers the overall sound is equally compact.

Recommended stuff.

01 – Lost In A Killing Field

02 – Mind The Gap

03 – Right Wrong Way

04 – Inferno

05 – Lady Bullet

06 – Fault

07 – Unbreakable

08 – Cannibal Love

09 – Postcards From My Life

Enrico Sarzi – Vocals, Keyboards

Chris Vicini – Guitar

Willy Nicolini – Guitar

Uncle Sappa – Bass

Mike Galletto – Drums

Alessandro Mori – Drums on 1, 2, 4

Marco Morelli – Bass



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