GUN – More Frantic (2015)

GUN - More Frantic (2015) full


Scottish rockers GUN released their new album ‘Frantic’ early this year, also in a deluxe edition featuring a bonus disc with songs recorded live. But the band is presenting now a new version of the album, re-entitled “More Frantic“.
“More Frantic” – a digital only release – includes all original Frantic tracks, plus 10 bonuses including the ‘East End EP’ and the new single ‘Every1’s A Winner’.

‘Every1’s A Winner’ is one of the best tracks composed & recorded by Gun in the last two decades. It’s a rocking, guitar driven hard rocker plenty of swagger and catchiness.
‘Idiots’ is another good one in the classic early Gun style, while ‘100 MPH’ adds some cool acoustics in a bluesy vein. There’s nice live cuts too, and a better than the original ‘Frantic’ radion mix.

Not only a fan package, I think “More Frantic” works better than the regular Frantic version (find it HERE) as the 10 bonuses are a worthwhile addition, featuring strong songs and variation.

01 – Every1’s A Winner
02 – Idiots
03 – Everybody Knows
04 – 100 MPH
05 – Labour Of Life (Live)
06 – Frantic (Radio Mix)
07 – One Wrong Turn (Radio Mix)
08 – Take Me To Church
09 – Frantic (Acoustic)
10 – Inside Out (Live)

Dante Gizzi – Vocals
Jools Gizzi – Guitars
Paul McManus – Drums
Derek Brown – Bass
Johnny McGlynn – Guitars


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