RECKLESS LOVE – Keep It Up All Night [single] (2015)

RECKLESS LOVE - Keep It Up All Night [single] (2015)

Finnish glam / melodic rockers RECKLESS LOVE have been working for quite a while now on their highly anticipated fourth studio effort. To make this waiting time easier on their fans, the band has released a high-energy new single entitled “Keep It Up All Night“, which will be featured on the upcoming record.

β€œIt’s been two year since the release of the previous record and it feels like eternity”, says lead singer Olli Herman. β€œMelody and lyrics-wise, the changes that have taken place over this period are quite subtle, but this time we updated the ’80s sound more to this day.

Well, I was a bit disappointed with Reckless Love last studio album… after listening “Keep It Up All Night” I am prepared for the worst.
This new single, while pretty energetic and anthemic, sonically is garbage. It’s an over-produced (but in the bad sense) dance / electronic based rocker with plastic beats.

Where’s the rocking, full of attitude guys of the first record?
If the new album follows the path of this advance single, they are committing suicide.
What were they thinking?

Keep It Up All Night (3:13)

Olli Herman – Vocals
Pepe – Guitar
Jalle Verne – Bass
Hessu Maxx – Drums


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