TED POLEY – Smile [Japanese Edition +1] Out Of Print

TED POLEY - Smile [Japanese Edition +1] Out Of Print - full

With the excellent new TED POLEY album just released, someone asked for his previous album “Smile” in its hard to find Japanese Edition – now out of print – featuring a bonus track.

Ted Poley has been the representative of ‘positive energy’ in the US Melodic/Hard Rock field since fronting Danger Danger and their delicious debut. Whoever paying attention to his everlasting bright studio/live attitude sees no surprise in the blonde singer’s second solo album being named “Smile”.
The same smile will appear in your face listening this set tunes of pure melody.

JK Nortnup – a guitarist familiar to many due to his works with King Kobra, XYZ and Paul Shortino among others – provided grateful help in the making of this CD.
The album sees a set of wonderful melodies, most of them located in the Melodic Hard Rock / AOR field, catchy songs spiced with melodious riffs and keyboards around Poley’s distinctive vocals.
There’s strong songwriting as well, as Ted has co-written most of the cuts with Tom and James Martin, the ‘wonder-boys’ from Vega.

The album wastes no time kicking it into high gear with “Waiting Line.” This melodic kicker is just a thrill to the ears with its high-powered harmonies, compelling rhythm and solid chorus all in typical Poley fashion, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
The next track, “Going Blind,” is Poley at his absolute best. The arrangement is a harmonic jewel as Ted belts out one of his finest vocals ever. Plain and simple, a perfect song worthy of a place in the all-time melodic-rock archives.

On title track “Smile”, with its almost epic-like chorus, potent melody and sharp, eloquent guitar features, it won’t take the listener long to realize that his writing partner and friend Vic Rivera had more than a hand in this one.
“What If She Knew” is another up-beat rocker featuring some impressive guitar work and soaring vocals, “Luv on Me” is one of the heavier tracks providing muscle, while the finest Tom & James Martin contribution “If I Can’t Change Your Heart” keeps your blood pumping with some awesome harmonies and a chorus that soars through your speakers in almost anthem-like proportion.

“Why Can’t We Pretend That It’s Over” (another Martin Bros typical melody) almost has the feel of a mid-80’s Summertime rocker with its up-beat, high-energy rhythm you can imagine cranking from your cars stereo as you’re cruising down a beach somewhere.
“Where It Ends” is the album ballad and delivers another spectacular vocal. Without warning, Poley once again captivates you and tugs at your heart-strings with all the soul and passion he can muster as the smooth, soothing guitar work enhances all the feeling and emotion behind the lyric.

TED POLEY - Smile [Japanese Edition +1] Out Of Print - disc

This Japanese Edition features as bonus track the AORish “Back In Time” plenty of harmony vocals and a catchy chorus reminiscent of Danger Danger’s debut, and certainly deserved to have been included into the regular release.
Produced by Northrup and Poley with a true late ’80s feeling, “Smile” is an album easily recommended to any lover of classic Melodic Hard Rock tunes.

01 – Waiting Line
02 – Going Blind
03 – Smile
04 – What If She Knew
05 – More Than Goodbye
06 – Luv On Me
07 – If I Cant Change Your Heart
08 – Why Can’t We Pretend That It’s Over?
09 – Life Keeps Spinning Me Round
10 – Where It Ends
11 – Will Ya
12 – Reprise – If I Can’t Change Your Heart
13 – Back In Time [Japanese Bonus Track]

Ted Poley – Lead & Backing Vocals
JK Northrup – Guitars, Bass
Eric Ragno – Keyboards
Dan Zoid – Drums, Percussion
Vic Rivera – Guitar on “Smile” & “Will Ya”

Out Of Print

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