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DANGER DANGER – Danger Danger +5 [Rock Candy remastered] HQ

Many of you asked for the Rock Candy Records remastering of DANGER DANGER first album “Danger Danger” in maximum quality. In terms of sound this “Danger Danger [Rock Candy remastered +5]” reissue is bright and punchy with great dynamics for modern CD players, but apart from that includes as bonus the complete ‘Down and Dirty Live‘ EP remastered for the first time.
New York, New York, says the famous song. So good they named it twice. Well, if that sort of shtick was good enough for ol’ Blue eyes then it was certainly good enough for late ’80s New York area melodic hard rockers Danger Danger whose songs ‘Naughty, Naughty’ and ‘Bang Bang’ helped to emphasize the point perfectly.
Fashioning memorable songs with firebrand riffs, Danger Danger were signed by the Imagine label (a division of Epic Records, headed by Industry legend Lennie Petze) and put into the studio with Lance Quin (Bon Jovi, Lita Ford). The band’s self titled debut album “Danger Danger” instantly produced a hit single with the MTV friendly ‘Naughty Naughty’, a song that defined the band’s appeal as one of the best high-energy melodic rock bands of the era…

POLEY / RIVERA – Only Human [Melodic Rock Records Reissue +1]

As requested here’s more Ted Poley, the reissue of the out of print record he did with guitarist Vic Rivera (Adriangale / Crunch) while Danger Danger were inactive. POLEY / RIVERA‘s “Only Human” is a set of classic melodic rock / AOR tunes that will hit the bullseye for long time fans of both Ted and Vic.
“Only Human” is everything one expects from a Ted Poley release, with the added “crunch” of Vic Rivera, showcasing an extra special set of songs. While plenty of catchiness, the songs prioritizes riffs over melody.

DANGER DANGER – Danger Danger [Rock Candy remastered +5]

Many of you asked for the Rock Candy Records remastering of DANGER DANGER first album “Danger Danger“. In terms of sound this “Danger Danger [Rock Candy remastered +5]” reissue is bright and punchy with great dynamics for modern CD players, but apart from that includes as bonus the complete ‘Down and Dirty Live‘ EP remastered for the first time.

TOKYO MOTOR FIST – Lions [Japan Edition +1] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

We have here in exclusive the Japanese edition of TOKYO MOTOR FIST‘s new album “Lions” including a bonus track. The fresh record from this super-group will be released worldwide next Friday, and will rock your Summer with a stupendous collection of hooks and melodies. Tokyo Motor Fist’s self-titled debut scratched an itch for music fans who have been starving for...

TED POLEY – Greatestits Vol. 1 [2xCD] (out of print)

Funnily titled ‘Greatestits Vol 1’ is TED POLEY‘s self selected collection (Vol. 1 is actually a 2-CD set) that includes 33 songs taken from all of Ted’s work outside of Danger Danger and Tokyo Motor Fist.
It includes re-masters of some of Ted’s most popular songs from solo CD’s, Bonemachine, Melodica, Prophet, and songs done with other artists such as JK Northrup, Jack Frost, Jun Senoue, Vic Rivera, and rare unreleased material like original song demos, hard to find rare tracks including the impossible to find Xmas Song, the Japan exclusive Takoyaki Rock, and new stuff too.

TED POLEY – Greatest Hits Volume 2 (out of print)

Danger Danger and now Motor Tokyo Fist frontman TED POLEY released some time ago this second ‘Greatest Hits’ collection limited to 2,000 copies, a CD only sold at live shows and exclusively at Poley’s eBay store. Including some exclusive tracks only available here, “Greatest Hits Volume 2” is the follow-up to Poley’s first compilation originally released as ‘Greatestits’. “Greatest Hits...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.3

We expect a very interesting batch of new releases in months to come, so it’s time for our classic 0dayrox Advanced singles. Let’s go now with 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.3, your soundtrack for this Summer! TOKYO MOTOR FIST, the band featuring DANGER DANGER vocalist Ted Poley and TRIXTER guitarist Steve Brown, will release its sophomore...

JACK FROST (feat Ted Poley, Terry Ilous, Paul Shortino) – Out In The Cold [2020 reissue]

While you may remember the character ‘Jack Frost’ from a number of fairytales, this JACK FROST is a respected axeman of bands such as Savatage, Metalium, and Seven Witches.
For this solo, just reissued album “Out In The Cold”, Frost recruited a wide ranging guest list including star vocalists like Ted Poley, Terry Ilous, Paul Shortino, Jeff Martin (Michael Schenker Group, Racer X) and more.
It’s a mix of original material and covers (songs by Foreigner, April Wine, .38 Special and The Babys) with the contributing vocalists adding their own lyrics to Frost’s music, which makes for a varied and interesting approach.
There’s also more known players here; on bass Mike Duda (W.A.S.P.), Mike LePond, Rev Jones (Steelheart), Joey Vera (Lizzy Borden), drummer Patrick Johansson (Takara, Malmasteen), Chuck White (Dee Snider), Eric Ragno (Khymera, Tony Mills, KISS) and many more…

TAKAYOSHI OHMURA (feat Terry Ilous, Ted Poley & Doogie White) – Emotions In Motion (Out Of Print)

Eighties hard rock infuenced young Japanese guitar virtuoso TAKAYOSHI OHMURA secured a stellar cast of famous singers from the genre to put their stellar voices on his album “Emotions In Motion”: The Defiant’s / Danger Danger Ted Poley performs on 3, XYZ / Gtrat White Terry Ilous also on 3, British shouter Doogie White on 2, while Riot’s Tony Moore...

DANGER DANGER – Screw It ! [Japan remaster Blu-Spec CD2]

I was about to purchase the first DANGER DANGER album freshly remastered by Rock Candy Records UK, when I noticed Sony Music Japan not only just released it one month ago, but also the second album from the band, this awesome “Screw It!” complete with bonus tracks and manufactured with the sonically impressive Blu-Spec CD2 system. For their second album...

DANGER DANGER – Screw It! [Bad Reputation 2-CD remaster +6 Bonus Tracks] OOP

French reissue label Bad Reputation / Axe Killer has been doing a great job releasing ‘Collector Series / Remastered with Bonus‘, with the main attraction being the addition of a bonus tracks or bonus disc, making these reissues the ‘definitive expanded versions’. In a Rock Candy Records fashion, these are official remasters in arrangement with the original recording companies.
DANGER DANGER‘s second album Screw It!” comes with a bonus track (B-side of the single ‘I Still Think About You’) and a bonus disc, the complete “Down And Dirty Live!” EP, originally released as promo.
For their second album “Screw It!”, Danger Danger basically took every element from the debut and turned it up a notch. The melodies are catchier, the production is shinier, and Ted Poley’s vocals are cleaner. The AOR melodies from the debut are mostly replaced with another instantly lovable factor: HOOKS.
With a definite ‘what the Heck’ attitude, “Screw It!” rocks from start to finish, there’s not a single weak song on this album.

TED POLEY – Modern Art (2018)

Danger Danger and Tokyo Motor Fist frontman TED POLEY will be releasing a new solo album titled “Modern Art” on July 30, 2018. For this new record Poley wanted a new approach, and the backing band into the studio is no other than Swedes Degreed. Indeed, “Modern Art” is Degreed with Ted Poley on lead vocals. But while this is...

TOKYO MOTOR FIST – Tokyo Motor Fist (2017)

TOKYO MOTOR FIST – Tokyo Motor Fist (2017)

TOKYO MOTOR FIST is the new exciting melodic hard rock project formed by guitarist/producer Steve Brown of Trixter and Danger Danger’s singer Ted Poley, and believe me, their self-titled debut to be released by Frontiers Music this week is a must have. Tokyo Motor Fist is exactly what you would expect from the talented pair from New Jersey: catchy and...

TED POLEY – Smile [Japanese Edition +1] Out Of Print

With the excellent new TED POLEY album just released, someone asked for his previous album “Smile” in its hard to find Japanese Edition – now out of print – featuring a bonus track. Ted Poley has been the representative of ‘positive energy’ in the US Melodic/Hard Rock field since fronting Danger Danger and their delicious debut. Whoever paying attention to...

TED POLEY – Beyond The Fade (2016)

TED POLEY always will be ‘the voice’ of Danger Danger, but with the band on hiatus and Bruno Ravel releasing the stupendous The Defiants record, it was time for a Ted Poley solo album, “Beyond The Fade“, to be released on Frontiers Music this Friday.If The Defiants album will be on most ‘Top 10 of the Year lists’, let me...