LeBROCK – Action & Romance (2016)

LeBROCK - Action & Romance (2016) full

LeBROCK is a fascinating new project from Peterborough, UK, and “Action & Romance” is their awesome debut. LeBrock put themselves into the new synthwave retro ’80s movement, but they are much more a ‘band’ with ‘real instruments’ than the typical projects of this ilk.

First of all, LeBrock isn’t created by a synth / keyboard fan like most the projects from the synthwave scene. The band is formed by two musicians; guitarist & keyboard player Michael Meadows and vocalist Shaun Phillips.
LeBrock’s music of course, it’s inspired by all the ’80s culture from movies to sci-fi to mainstream music (just check the album cover), but their blend of synthwave includes electric guitars, real bass and vocals in a true rock&pop / Melodic Rock manner.
Seriously, just check Shaun’s performance on “Dangerous Dreams”… this guy easily could be the next Vega lead vocalist!

Opener “Galactic Smasher” takes you in a non-stop flight straight to 1984 to movies like Robocop or Miami Vice TV show.
“Dangerous Dreams” starts with keyboards galore in the best 1986 AOR tradition, an electric guitar riff appear and Shaun Phillips rocks you with his over the top vocals. I would call this AOR / Melodic Rock meets synthwave especially designed foe an action movie of the era.
WoW, this is good, awesome indeed.

Then we have “One Night” and things instantly change; poppy melody but with a FM radio-ready / light AOR feel, and smooth, very smooth elegant vocals. Love this.

LeBrock switch again to rocking synthwave (?) for “Call Me”, again with a strong real electric guitar presence. The track pumps over a synth ryhthm section, and rock more than many ‘real’ rock bands. LeBrock has ‘pulse’, nerve, and that’s whay they are so different… and good. The guitar solo kills, performed by a guest named Chris Geden.
“Takedown” returns to the ‘soundtrack’ style of the opener, and reminds me Airwolf television series and John Carpenter movie soundtracks.

“Action & Romance” leaves me hungry for more. There’s more music in the making from this terrific duo LeBrock… I can’t wait.

LeBROCK - Action & Romance (2016) cassette

This is pure gold ’80s stuff, not a mere copycat from the sounds of the era. LeBrock injects to their music a Rock pulse with real instruments and huge vocals, and the results are fantastic.
The EP is available digitally, and if you want a physical copy, the only format available is Cassette. Yes, a tape… darn freaks, I love it.
“Action & Romance” is a MUST for any ’80s fan. Believe me.


01 – Galactic Smasher
02 – Dangerous Dreams
03 – One Night
04 – Call Me
05 – Takedown

Shaun Phillips – Vocals
Michael Meadows – Guitars, Synths, Bass, Programming
Guitar Solo on ‘Call Me’ performed by Chris Geden
Produced by LeBrock with Justin Paul Hill & Nigel Geden



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