VEIL OF OBSCURITY – In The Beginning… [Japanese Edition] (2018)

VEIL OF OBSCURITY - In The Beginning... [Japanese Edition] (2018) full

Now this is an unusual release; “In The Beginning…” is the debut from VEIL OF OBSCURITY, a Los Angeles-based band founded by American female vocalist Michelle Raitzin, in collaboration with some members of the Danish-Swedish rock band Royal Hunt and an engineer Bill Malina — who has worked with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Santana, among others.
This Japanese Edition includes a bonus track.

And I said unusual because the sound & style of Veil Of Obscurity is quite unique. Michelle Raitzin is known as a member of Team Blake Shelton on NBC’s hit show The Voice, and her vocal approach is modern, with an American soul feeling.
Then you have Andreas Passmark and Andreas Johansson (Narnia, Royal Hunt) and keyboardist Andre Andersen (Royal Hunt) plus Danish session musician Jonas Larsen providing the guitars, and the European flavors.

The overall style is a melodic power pop / rock sound which results from the mix of a variety of musical influences.
It’s quite strange to hear these musicians coming from a melodic progressive hard rock background playing this kind of US modern pop tunes.
Take as example tracks like “Gambler” or “Free Mind”; you gotta approach these with a ‘free mind’ indeed, as it sounds like Lady Gaga on steroids going melodic rock.

VEIL OF OBSCURITY - In The Beginning... [Japanese Edition] (2018) back

You have to give credit to this project for trying something different in the current rock&pop scene. It’s a mix of soul / R&B pop with real instrumentation performed by real players, guitar solos and suchlike rock spice.
Anastacia tried something like this few years ago, and while this is pure pop music, it could bring some young listeners to the ‘real’ rock field.
Give it a try.

01 – Out Of Obscurity
02 – Free Mind
03 – Rise Above
04 – Lost
05 – Letting Down The Line
06 – Gambler
07 – L’amour
08 – I’m Real
09 – Love Sets Me Free
10 – Spy Games (Japan Bonus Track)

Lead Vocals – Michelle Raitzin
Bass – Andreas Passmark (Tony Mills, Narnia, Royal Hunt)
Drums – Andreas Johansson (Narnia, Royal Hunt)
Guitar – Jonas Larsen (Highway Jam)
Keyboards – Andre Andersen (Royal Hunt)


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