DELFINIA – Deep Elevation (2019)

DELFINIA - Deep Elevation (2019) full

To be released tomorrow, “Deep Elevation” is the debut album from DELFINIA, a new project founded by Konstantin and Daria Naumenko featuring an impressive array of musicians. Brothers Naumenko are well known names in East Europe metal scene being members of Sunrise, Novi, Titanium and other acts.
Both Konstantin and Daria decided to create Delfinia as their ‘solo album / project’, mainly because they had many musical ideas and tastes that didn’t fit their respective bands.

Coming from the metal scene, Delfinia canalizes Konstantin (vocal) and Daria Naumenko (keyboards) love for more melodic sounds. While “Deep Elevation” will be marketed for sure as melodic power metal, you know what happens with many bands from this genre nowadays; it’s very commercial and pretty catchy.

So many (and most in fact) the material here has a foundation in classic melodic metal – even hard rock listening the rhythm guitar chords – and the double bass drum typical from power metal is absent, in favor to a more groovy, hard rock-like rhythm.

Just check the advanced video-single above; overall Delfinia has a style similar to Axel Rudi Pell’s heaviest side, Jorn Lande, a bit of Primal Fear, some Masterplan / Secret Sphere… you get the picture; catchy, melodic and polished stuff.

As said, the guest musician list is impressive, including Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween), Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere), Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine), Ross VC Thompson (Van Canto) and others, truly involved into the final sonic result providing a plus to the recording.
Solid and entertaining debut album.
Strongly Recommended

01. Deep Elevation
02. Loneliness
03. The Fate
04. World Of Dream
05. I’m Here
06. Do You Remember
07. Heaven
08. The Brightest Days
09. Call Of The Wind
10. Eyes Are Calling
11. Autumn Dream

Konstantin ‘Laars’ Naumenko – vocals, music, lyrics
Daria Naumenko – keyboards, vocals
Stas Semilietov – solo / rhythm guitar
Vladyslav Sedov – bass
Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween) – guitar solos
Jocke ‘Aerendir’ Johansson (Twilight Force) – guitar solos
Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere) – guitar solos
Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine) – guitar solos
Krzysztof Elzanowski (Pathfinder) – guitar solos
Ross VC Thompson (Van Canto) – vocal duet on 3


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