ONEELEVEN – N.O.G.A.F. (2019)

ONEELEVEN - N.O.G.A.F. (2019) full

Boston based band ONEELEVEN started the year with the release of their new album “N.O.G.A.F” – read No One Gives A F@ck – according to them ‘dedicated to all our fellow bands, singers & songwriters and they quest for recognition’.
The band is fronted by Artie Eaton, the vocalist / songwriter of late ’80s cult US hard rockers Seducer.

Seducer was a solid glammy hard rock act who gained a moderate amount of success with a music video spotlighted on MTV as well as interest from major record labels including Sony.
In 1993, when the record industry began focusing more on grunge and rap, Artie decided to step away from the music business and focus on building a business and raising a family.

However, during this hiatus, Artie never stopped loving classic rock music and continued to write songs and build a state of the art recording studio in his home. In 2005, he decided to get back in to the game.
That game had changed significantly since his Seducer days, and Artie developed some great relationships with Nashville-based musicians through his side-business manufacturing custom snare drums. He recorded with several musicians and dis a movie soundtrack.

In 2014 Artie decided to start a new project called OneEleven. Partnering with some of the great songwriting talent around him including Steve Gouette (guitarist for Danny Klein’s Full House and Rich Eisner), and the songwriting team created songs for his debut record, “Livin the Dream.”
The name OneEleven comes from a long history of Artie seeing the numbers 111 everywhere he goes. Whenever he sees these numbers, something special always seems to happen.

Fast forward 2019, “N.O.G.A.F” is OneEleven second album recorded last year, mixing melodic rock & classic rock with some hints of Bon Jovi circa ‘These Days’, mostly due Artie’s vocal color similar to Jon Bon Jovi. Just check ‘What Would You Do’, the highly melodic ‘Slow Down’ (with some of Richie Sambora solo on it too), or midtempo ‘Not Me’.
On the other hand, songs like ‘Reason’ or ‘It Ain’t Easy’ somehow bring a bit of latter day Styx, while ‘Halfway to Heaven’ reminds me of Lone Star melodic rock moments (love the guitar solo).

A very solid and interesting album with good production for an indie, “N.O.G.A.F” showcases Artie Eaton’s seasoned vocals, and there’s some fine guitar work by Steve Gouette, a guy with a style similar to Bobby Messano (Fiona, Glen Burtnick).
There’s still a good underground melodic rock scene in the US, and Artie Eaton / OneEleven is a proof.

01. What Would You Do
02. Slow Down
03. Reason
04. Today
05. Not Me
06. Halfway to Heaven
07. Fallen
08. Yesterday
09. It Ain’t Easy

Artie Eaton – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Steve Gouette – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Rich Eisner – Drums, Percussion
Stephen “Sharky” Beccia – Bass, Vocals
Brielle Eaton – Lead & Backing Vocals


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