AVANTASIA – More Moonglow ; The Rock Hard Magazine exclusive EP (2019)

AVANTASIA - More Moonglow ; The Rock Hard Magazine exclusive EP (2019) full

Tobias Sammet’s AVANTASIA project will release a new album this month, “Moonglow”. As an exclusive advance, Sammet has arranged to release an EP available only thru Rock Hard Magazine #381 (German version). Titled “More Moonglow ; The Rock Hard EP”, it includes previously unreleased material.

“More Moonglow ; The Rock Hard EP” includes two songs from the upcoming album. One is the 4 minute title track featuring the enchanting vocals of Candice Night [BLACKMORE’S NIGHT] which perfectly fits the atmosphere of the song in the duet with Sammet.

‘The Raven Child’ is another song from the album featuring Hansi Kürsch and legendary Jorn Lande on lead vocals. And oh boy, it sounds sumptuous, delivering eleven minutes of magnificent aural pleasure.

AVANTASIA - More Moonglow ; The Rock Hard Magazine exclusive EP (2019) back

The extra, unreleased material include demo versions from the previous albums – and a killer live version of ‘The Scarecrow’. All these won’t be released into any other album anytime soon.
Great appetizer and a collectors CD.

01. Moonglow (feat. Candice Night)
02. The Raven Child (feat. Hansi Kürsch & Jorn Lande)
03. The Scarecrow (Live at Wacken 2014)
04. Babylon Vampyres (demo version 2015)
05. Where Clock Hands Freeze (demo version 2012)
06. Seduction of Decay (demo version 2015)

Tobias Sammet – lead vocals, keyboards, bass guitar
Sascha Paeth – guitar, bass guitar
Michael Rodenberg – keyboard, piano, orchestration
Felix Bohnke – drums


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