MASS (Germany) – Still Chained (2019)

MASS - Still Chained (2019) full

German Hard Rockers MASS are back after three decades with a new album tilted “Still Chained”. Original member Günther V. Radny reformed Mass with a fresh blood in the line-up, but what hasn’t changed is the band’s traditional hard rock sound in the same vein when they were an ’80s driving force from the scene alongside Scorpions, Accept, etc.

Mass released eight albums during the Eighties, making them a recognizable name in Europe and gaining a strong fan base. “Still Chained” feature some of Mass’ best songs from the era, plus 2 brand new numbers.
However, these songs were completely re-worked, and now, alongside the classic guitar riffs, there’s the addition of keyboards / Hammond-like runs, something Radny always wanted for the Mass’ sound.

Mass’ 2019 feels energetic, hard rockin’ groovy with that traditional hard rock sound from the early ’80s yet updated with a modern recording technique. All the guys are really good players, while Matthias “Wauxl” Pfaller vocals brings to mind that pure-rock throats for the ole’ good days.
Since opener “Back To The Music” which rocks via massive guitar riffs, swirling organ an a catchy chorus, it’s clear that Mass know their game.

The following tracks make justice to its titles; the furious “Straight To Hell”, the punchy “Break Out” and the indeed “Kick Your Ass” will rock your socks off.
A pumping bass line drives “Chained” where the guitar and vocals work guarantee a granite performance, then “Cry It Out” has a slightly ’80s British touch providing variation.
Even there’s an AORish touch into “Dark Night”, with slower guitar lines and sweet keyboards, plus the melodious chorus.

Closer “We Are Back” is one of the newly written tracks and a declaration of intention: Mass has returned into the scene to stay. And I really hope they do it; this band packs that ‘classic magic’ that seems lost into the current traditional hard rock scene.
Highly Recommended

01. Back To The Music
02. Straight To Hell
03. Break Out
04. Kick Your Ass
05. Chained
06. Devil’s Gate
07. Restless
08. Dark Night
09. Shoot Out
10. Cry It Out
11. Born To Lose
12. Time Runs Out
13. War Law
14. It Is Done
15. We Are Back

Günther V. Radny – Bass
Andreas Gmeinwieser – Drums
Hans “Hyde” Heid – Guitars
Clemens Matejka – Keyboards
Matthias “Wauxl” Pfaller – Vocals

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