EMERALD – Restless Souls (2019)

EMERALD - Restless Souls (2019) full

When it comes for classic melodic metal, many current acts still cultivating this style have become – to my ears – a little tiresome. One of the few exceptions is Swiss act EMERALD, whom are issuing their new album “Restless Souls” tomorrow.
With almost 25 years of experience now, since their emergence in the ’90s Emerald have been crafting their brand of melodic metal material with the tenacious verges of both European and US classic metal. Converging around British and German elements plus some classic ’80s American touches, the band has been getting tighter and robust in every passing release.

Emerald sound combines the clean guitars and atmospheres of, to name one influence, Praying Mantis’ most melodic side, with the twin guitar harmonies of Accept and alike. They add a melodic hard rock catchiness to the rhythms as well, and abundance of groove.
The result, in the case of “Restless Souls”, is a powerful set of entertaining songs that easily flow in enjoyment.

On the more melodic delivery, the racing ‘Freakshow’ is ridiculously catchy, ‘Valley of Death’ could have been recorded by Axel Rudi Pell, you have a classic NWOBHM pulse to ‘Son of Sam’ (a highlight) and ‘My Final Stand’.

One of my favorites is ‘Set Me Free’, a soaring superb power ballad where they add pianos and acoustic guitars ro the mix alongside pristine soaring vocals, bringing to mind Skid Row / Sebastian Bach.
Also to mention as stand out is the catchy ‘Superhero’, almost melodic hard rock in essence.

EMERALD - Restless Souls (2019) inside

For heaviness, check out ‘Heaven Falls Down’ and the dark ‘Digital Slavery’, then Emeral showcases their metal progressive angle with the elaborated ‘Cad Goddeau’ (great keys here akin TEN) and the groovy mid-paced title track ‘Restless Souls’.

As said, Emerald doesn’t fails delivering entertaining and very catchy, melodic classic metal. All strong songs benefited by a bright production sound, and a killer mix full of dynamics.
Fans of all metal / hard ‘n heavy related genres will be pleased with “Restless Souls”.
Highly Recommended

01 – Freakshow
02 – Valley of Death
03 – Digital Slavery
04 – Son of Sam
05 – My Final Stand
06 – The Wicked Force
07 – Cad Goddeu
08 – Restless Souls
09 – Set Me Free
10 – Superhero
11 – Heaven Falls Down
12 – Revenge (Bonus Track)

Mace Mitchell – Vocals
Michael Vaucher – Guitars
Julien Menth – Guitars
Vania Truttmann – Bass
Al Spicher – Drums
Thomas Vaucher – Keyboards

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