BLACK BELT THEATRE – Power Petting (2019)

BLACK BELT THEATRE - Power Petting (2019) full

BLACK BELT THEATRE is, proudly, a very mid-western American band. And even more proudly, they play a brand of classic rock n’ roll so missing in current radio. Formed in 2013 by experienced musicians, Black Belt Theatre are presenting their third full length album titled “Power Petting”, a very enjoyable hard-edged collection of songs steeped in the melodic spirit of classic Cheap Trick.

And commercial they are, offsetting vocal hooks and harmonies with an instrumental attack heavy enough to satisfy air guitarists who can appreciate crunchy riffs without technical self-indulgence.
And though the quartet has roots in local bands who were post-grunge purveyors, Black Belt Theatre’s lyrical outlook evinces a refreshing dearth of the self-pity so prevalent on any given episode of Nikki Sixx’s weekly rock radio countdown in recent months.

“Power Petting” backs up the band’s own identification as “power rock ‘n’ roll” (rather than power pop), and its best songs, such as the glowing “Call the Police”, the driving “You’re Freakin’ Me Out” (whith some early Aerosmith on it) or the ridiculously catchy “Bullets” (Rick Springfield could’ve made a hit with this) have enough riffs & radio-friendly melodies to satisfy the Cheap Trick (classic era) fan inside most of us.

Hooray for rock n’ roll that summons gumption and fortitude: Milwaukee’s Black Belt Theatre concoct a welcome tonic countering the emotional direness of current commercial radio hard music in America.
They rock with a late Seventies / Eighties pulse yet with a modern approach, delivering a very enjoyable set of hummable riffs and some memorable choruses.
Highly Recommended


01 – Call the Police
02 – The Coronation
03 – Bullets
04 – Corner Drinker
05 – Spent the Rent
06 – You’re Freakin’ Me Out
07 – A Beat up Dream
08 – I Said Baby (Bullets Reprise)
09 – We Want What You Want
10 – Winning the War

John Kucera – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Tim Cook – Bass & Vocals
Steve Adams – Drums
Bert Zweber – Guitars



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