DOMINOE – Keep In Touch +9 [Remastered Reissue 2019]

DOMINOE - Keep In Touch +9 [Remastered Reissue 2019] full

One of the best Melodic Rock / poppy AOR bands coming out from Germany during the Eighties is without a doubt DOMINOE, founded by composer, musician and skilled producer Robert Papst. From the beginning, the idea for this outfit was to combine the catchiness and muscle of the melodic rock genre with fluffy, commercial rock&pop sounds. Originally issued in 1988, their “Keep In Touch” album was a sensation all over Europe, especially the single “Here I Am” featured in a TV commercial, and then all over the radio for months.
“Keep In Touch” has been reissued several times, now we have this 2019 Comand Records including 9 bonus tracks, many of them only released on vinyl 7” / 12” until now and impossible to find.

“Keep In Touch” packs all the ingredients to be a MR / AOR fan staple: ridiculously choruses, lots vocal harmonies, bouncy intrumentation, cheesy lyrics (which add its charm) all wrapped into a bright production courtesy of Papst (nowadays a highly requested producer / engineer).
Do you like ’80s keyboards / synths? Then this album is a like Heaven. Add a touch of the Hi-Tech AOR developed by other German bands years before (and Canadians as well) and you have the sounf of Dominoe’s “Keep In Touch”.

Many of these songs seems take from an action movie soundtrack from the era such as ‘Family Man’, ‘Gettin’ Hot’, ‘The Dice’, ‘Let’s Talk About Life’, ‘The Friend’… and of course ‘Here I Am’. And keep counting.
It’s indeed keyboard-driven magic stuff, and slick guitars and a punchy percussion / drums complete the delivering of this melodic album wrapped by a clinical production sound.

Regarded as a classic / must have by all Hi-tech AOR fans out there, but also ’80s music freaks and of course, lovers of catchy commercial tunes, “Keep In Touch” still sounds fresh, cool today. Single “Here I Am” (in its countless versions) still is a regular at Classic Rock Radio.
And speaking of versions, we have here as bonus tracks various remixes / 12” / and alternate takes, plus a couple of tracks taken from the The Lost Radio Show, which was finally released last year and featured here at 0dayrox.
“Keep In Touch +9 [Remastered Reissue 2019]” is a must have ’80s album.


01 – The Approach & Family Man
02 – Gettin’ Hot
03 – I Don’t Know
04 – The Dice
05 – Here I Am
06 – Let’s Talk About Life
07 – Miracle
08 – Touch
09 – The Friend
10 – No More Lies
11 – The End
12 – Here I Am (Maxi Version)
13 – Let’s Talk About Life (Maxi Version)
14 – Family Man (Maxi Version)
15 – Let’s Talk About Life (Radio Version)
16 – Family Man (Single Version)
17 – Family Mad (Film Version)
18 – Let’s Talk about Life (Film Version)
19 – I Don’t Know (The Lost Radio Show Session)
20 – No More Lies (The Lost Radio Show Session)

Jorg Sieber – vocals
Robert Papst – guitar
Fred Neudert – bass
Johnny Rohde – keyboards
Angie Buchzyk – keyboards, vocals
Rick Schulz – drums



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3 Responses

  1. TC says:

    Many thanks for posting this disc, never heard of them before but this has to be about the most quintessential 80’s album ever made. Wow!..not one bad track on the whole disc, wonderful stuff from the time period.

  2. -= Sisters Of Mercy =- says:

    CRAZY how UNDERRATED this Piece of Art is!!! I never knew they were German, but now it makes sense why they weren’t bigger. I am sure if they were from the USA or at least the UK, they would have been as big as Def Lepard or Bon Jovi!

    This is seriously great 80s music!

  3. TC says:

    Wow, fantastic album from top to bottom, a quintessential 80’s album for sure, many thanks for the post.

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