THE DEAD DAISIES – Rare EPs: Man Overboard 2013 / Face I Love 2014 / The Covers Planet Rock 2017 + Standalone singles

THE DEAD DAISIES - Rare EPs: Man Overboard 2013 / Face I Love 2014 / The Covers Planet Rock 2017 + Standalone singles<br /> full

With the terrific new THE DEAD DAISIES album, we remembered to feature here all the band’s 3 EP’s, all presenting exclusive material not included into the regular full length album releases.
Before their self titled debut album, the Daisies released an EP titled “Man Overboard”. None of these songs were included into the LP track list, and are exclusive to this EP.
The next year The Dead Daisies put out another EP, titled “Face I Love”, again, all these tracks were exclusive to this EP until few days ago, when their studio cover of The Beatles’ classic ‘Helter Skelter’ appeared into the recent CD. However the remaining 3 songs never appeared into any other release, not even as bonus tracks.

“The Covers : Live at Planet Rock (2017)” EP was some kind of an anticipation of the covers full length album just released. However, the songs chosen to cover are not the same, and these are live versions recorded at Planet Rock in front of a small audience.
Excellent versions, from a band which natural environment is a live stage. Very rare, limited edition EP.

The Dead Daisies also has released standalone singles from time to time, such as the different recording of “Dead and Gone (Swamp Version)” re-done with blues arrangement, or songs recorded live in Frankfurt, Germany at the Musikmesse Industry Expo during the start of the ‘Make Some Noise’ tour of 2016, when the band had been invited to be one of the main acts at this prestigious event.

Especially the “Helter Skelter” version from Frankfurt (not the same appeared in the band’s official live album) is excellent, including a killer jam.
And as extra curiosity, there’s “Make It Louder (remixed by twocolors)”, and official single release of one of the band’s songs remixed by electronic duo ‘twocolors’ in a danceable form. It’s surprising that a rocking band like TDD wanted a mix like this, fun stuff.

A collectors package of rare EP’s, and a bunch of The Dead Daisies non-album songs almost conforming a ‘new’ 17-track album.
HIGHLY Recommended


THE DEAD DAISIES – Man Overboard EP (2013)
01 – Washington
02 – Man Overboard
03 – It’s Gonna Take Time
04 – Yesterday

THE DEAD DAISIES – Face I Love EP (2014)
01 – Face I Love
02 – Angel in Your Eyes
03 – Your Karma
04 – Helter Skelter

THE DEAD DAISIES – The Covers : Live at Planet Rock (2017)
01 – My Generation (Live from Planet Rock)
02 – American Band (Live from Planet Rock)
03 – Maggie May (Live from Planet Rock)
04 – Ramble On (Live from Planet Rock)

THE DEAD DAISIES – Standalone singles
01 – Dead and Gone (Swamp Version)
02 – Helter Skelter (Live from Frankfurt)
03 – Fortunate Son (Live from Frankfurt)
04 – Song and a Prayer (Live from Frankfurt)
05 – Make It Louder (remixed by twocolors)

John Corabi (Mötley Crüe / The Scream)
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake / Dio)
Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy / Whitesnake)
Deen Castronovo (Journey / Bad English)
David Lowy (Red Phoenix / Mink)
Brian Tichy (Whitesnake / Ozzy)
Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses)
Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses)
Jackie Barnes (Tin Lids, Jimmy Barnes)
Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones)
Charley Drayton (Divinyls, Cold Chisel)
Jon Stevens (Noiseworks, INXS)


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