AOR – Heavenly Demos (2019)

AOR - Heavenly Demos (2019) full

The AOR all star project commanded by guitarist Frederic Slama is back with a new CD titled “Heavenly Demos” just released on physical CD by Perris Records. As the album title states, these are songs pre-production demos of tracks already known but featuring different vocalists, mix, and some of them are unreleased.
Curiously, some of these demo versions are better than the ones finally appeared on the different AOR official releases.

The CD features 14 tracks with some legendary singers like Paul Sabu (Only Child), Steve Overland (FM), Kevin Chalfant (The Storm), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman), Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Chris Antblad (Spin Gallery), Philip Bardowell (Unruly Child), Göran Edman (Street Talk) & many more.
Top players also includes elite guitarists Tommy Denander, Michael Landau &, Christian Tolle, on drums there’s legendary Mike Baird, Martin Kronlund and many more.

As said, many of the demo takes of the songs are better than the final versions, because there’s a lively feel and punch somehow lost in the final production / mix. This is especially noticeable on the more rocking songs such as ‘The Name of the Game’. melodic rocker ‘Brittany’ or ‘The Smartest Girl in L.A.’
Of course you will find smooth tunes on the pretty ’80s AOR ballald ‘The Reflection of My Heart’, midtempo ‘The Price to Pay’ and the radio friendly ‘Kimberly’.

Mostly recorded during the 80s & 90s, “Heavenly Demos” contains never released versions of the AOR Project classic songs. All of them with different arrangements, extra instruments or different vocals.
Highly Recommended


01 – Sensation
02 – The Smartest Girl in L.A.
03 – The Pride of Strangers
04 – The Name of the Game
05 – Brittany
06 – One Foot in Heaven
07 – The Price to Pay
08 – Waiting in the Darkness
09 – Kimberly
10 – It’s Just Too Easy
11 – Just One Kiss on Your Heart
12 – Last Days in San Francisco
13 – Just Forget the American Dream
14 – The Reflection of My Heart

Lead & Backing Vocals:
Jeff Scott SOTO
Michael KISUR
Sarah & Mélissa FONTAINE

Guitars & Keyboards: Frédéric SLAMA, Tommy DENANDER, Christian TOLLE
Guitars: Michael LANDAUKeyboards: David DIGGS, Morris ADRIAENS
Saxophone: Colin RODGERS



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  1. Instead of acting cool like you used to do , you choose to ignore my messages asking to take off the link immediatly for this album since 3 days ! You’re KILLING this release that is not even out on CD yet (Street Date, October 4th !). A lot of other illegal websites takes their albums from your website. I won’t forget it, i can tell you, and be assured that if you don’t take off the links from my albums and this one in particular, you will make an ennemy for life, with a very good memory !!! Choose to be an asshole or to act responsable. And worst you keep uploading it again and again. You don’t respect artists and you are not a music lover acting this way ! Be a man ! Be responsible ! You used to be in the past, when artists asked you to take off their links, you did it right away. It won’t change a thing for you and It’s easy to do ! Perris records ask you too to take off the links please. Thank you.

  2. Tom Mathers says:

    Remove this title and all titles from Perris Records. You are NOT authorized to give this CD away for FREE.

  3. My albums are available in Legal downloads at CD BABY. Support the artists !!!

  4. 0dayrox says:

    All titles removed as requested

  5. scupp says:

    Awoch! The second I saw the AOR releases here I knew you were asking for trouble. I would delete all and completely disregard this artist. He doesn’t see the value in the exposure that your site gives him and simply sees it as black and white. You offer an incredible site so don’t let this one artist ruin all your years of hard work.

    AOR should not even get a mention in your footnotes of other artists. Forget about him and keep on keepin’ on!

    Luv ya mate.


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