AOR – The Colors Of L.A. [official reissue Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

AOR - The Colors Of L.A. [Perris Records official reissue Remastered] (2020) full

In 2012 the AOR project were back with “The Colors Of L.A.“, featuring a great cast of talented musicians such as Jerry Hludzik (Dakota), Joe Pasquale, Steve Newman, Philip Bardowell (ex Unruly Child), Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, David Foster, Michael Thompson, Vinnie Colaiuta and many more.
Co-produced by Tommy Denander, “The Colors Of L.A”, AOR’s 10th Release, is the perfect mix between Melodic Rock & Westcoast AOR Music and is now exclusively re-released by Perris Records.
This ultra limited edition has been remastered and features a different track list. The original CD is very hard to find nowadays – very high prices – so it’s time to complete your AOR collection with this limited reissue.

“The Colors Of L.A.” is more AOR / Melodic Rock oriented than its predecessors, which included several breezy West Coast tunes.
Highlights include opener “Jenny At Midnight”, a terrific AOR track featuring the fantastic vocals of Joe Pasquale, who demonstrates here that he still is in top form. Why are you retired man?

“Benedict Canyon” has another dreamy melody, a midtempo full of keyboards and the classy vocals of the late Jerry Hludzik (RIP). For all Dakota fans – including myself – this is pure bliss. Hludzik also does a great job on the lush “Dreams From Silver Lake”.
“Under Your Spell” has an Euro Melodic Rock feel well performed by Joey Summer, while “Halo Of Light” is totally ’80s oriented, enhanced by a smooth performance by Rick Riso.

The always effective Philip Bardowell shine on “You’re My Obsession”, a cracking AOR/MR rockier tune that reminds me the great mid-2000 project Ambition.
The album ends with two extremely fine instrumentals where the guitar is the star, featuring Michael Thompson, Tommy Denander, Michael Landau and Steve Lukather.

“The Colors Of L.A.” is just another magical trip to the golden years of melodic rock music.
For any AOR / Melodic Rock fan this is a must have, for the simple reason that it includes some of the best musicians from the genre delivering great performances.
Well produced and written, “The Colors Of L.A.” is a delicatessen.
Highly Recommended


01 – Jenny At Midnight (Lead Vocals – Joe Pasquale)
02 – Benedict Canyon (Lead Vocals – Jerry G. Hludzik)
03 – Kimberly (Lead Vocals – Steve Newman)
04 – Under Your Spell (Lead Vocals – Joey Summer)
05 – Brittany (Lead Vocals – Philip Bardowell)
06 – Halo Of Light (Lead Vocals – Rick Riso)
07 – Dreams From Silver Lake (Lead Vocals – Jerry G. Hludzik)
08 – You’re My Obsession (Lead Vocals – Philip Bardowell)
09 – Teach Me How To Love You Again (Lead Vocals – Rick Riso)
10 – The Main Attraction (Lead Vocals – Sarah Fontaine)
11 – Grace (feat Michael Thompson & Tommy Denander)
12 – Never Gonna Let Her Go (Lead Guitar – M. Landau, S. Lukather)

Frederic Slama: Guitars, Keyboards
Tommy Denander: All Instruments

Philip Bardowell
Jerry Hludzik
Steve Newman
Joey Summer
Rick Riso
Joe Pasquale

Steve Lukather
Michael Landau
David Williams
Michael Thompson
Peter Friestedt

David Foster
Randy Goodrum
David Diggs
Morris Adrigens

Vinnie Colaiuta
Joey Heredia
Miri Miettinen

Horns: Brandon Fields, Tom Saviano

Bass: Hussain Jiffry

Add. Instrumentation:
Christian Tolle
Bruno Levesque



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